Week in Review 04 Sept 2011

I was going to wait and update tomorrow (after the official holiday weekend was over), but since we just have housework and projects to do tomorrow, and those are boring and not photo-worthy, I figured I’d just go ahead and get this out of the way tonight…

So! The week! It was weird, like super hot but rainy too, heavy thunderstorms. A few of them while the sun was fully shining, a good old devil’s downpour. Got a quick shot on my way to work one day – and no worries, I was at a red light and dug out my camera, no distracted driving here 😉

Pete now has a love for all things dipped-cone, so on our Thursday After-Work date we stopped for a dipped cone before heading to the Farmer’s Market. I was going to stop for our usual Starbucks date (black coffee for mom, shortbreads and strawberry frappe for Doots) but given the heat, I thought the dipped cone would be a better idea. Plus it meant a cheap date 😉

By Saturday the rains and a cold front rolled in, just in time for Miss Bridget’s first birthday party.

We headed into the O.P. to celebrate with Bridget and family, she had a Wizard of Oz theme and it was super-adorable. A good time was had by all. Bridget enjoyed her cake, in a very nonchalant, “wut are you weirdos staring at” kind of way while she cooly picked at her cake and took small bites. No crying, no diving in like a maniac. Make no mistake, this is one sophisticated lady already.

The boys, on the other hand, ran circles with each other until they were completely worn out. For the record: Pete wiped out in the dirt (scraping his forehead) and Jayson did a trust fall into a solid wood endtable, thus living up to both of their “Mega-Klutz” status while attending the party.

Then we headed back to Lawrence, and met up with Danielle and Binya to take in the first KU football game of the season. We got to see the Marching Jayhawks perform on the hill before the game, and both boys were enthralled with the drums.

Pete was starting to zonk out on his dad’s shoulders.

Then we headed into the stadium, and ran into the drumline playing in the concourse. Binya charmed some of the drummers into a photo with him (he beat out a tune to entertain them) 🙂

Then we headed in. Here’s the obligatory “Pete’s first time walking into the stadium shot” (much like our shot walking into the Fieldhouse last year).

Once we got the kids some snacks, headed to our seats, and got everyone settled that we looked at the big screen to see: there was a severe weather event, and everyone was to evacuate to the shelters in the concourse. Hee! So we packed everything back up and headed inside. Just in time, too, as then the thunderstorm hit. We rode it out in the concourse, the boys happily having a popcorn party on the floor.

After the storm everyone headed back out to our seats and the game finally started. The boys were a little slap-happy (translation: spaz-tastic), but were able to calm down to wave the wheat with the crowd for that first KU touchdown.

Then Pete started wandering, particularly to stop to stare (completely transfixed) at a family of large-ish people gnawing on giant turkey legs. Which entertained the college students, at least. Then he started running up and down the row, and we decided it was probably time to head back home and get him to bed. The end.

Sunday we took a road trip – we headed to Atchison, mainly because we had never been. And heard they had a train museum. And what the heck, the weather was gorgeous (rain brought in a cold front) and we had nothing else to do that day.

We packed up and headed out later in the afternoon, hitting Atchison about lunchtime. We found a shady picnic area at Riverside park and stopped to eat. And play.

After that we went down by the river and Scott tried to teach Pete to skip rocks across the water. Pete gets an A for style, showing off his best wind-up-and-pitch move while tossing rocks.

Then we headed back downtown to hit the historical museum and most importantly (at least in some minds): the rail museum. Free mini-train rides, and free reign to check out all the different train cars on the property. Pete loved it.

Then we headed to the campus of Benedictine, to check everything out.   We were able to see the river and all the flooding from high above, and it was sobering.  See the “brown” water in the photo below?  That’s the Missouri River.  All the rest of that water is flooding.

We walked all over the campus, it was gorgeous.  Pete skipped happily along.  I was able to capture a photo of Peter mid-wipe-out, which was quite the feat.  Also: rather funny, so I’m including it.

Sadly it was not the only wipe-out, the most memorable one being when he kinda tripped and flailed his way around a lovely little outdoor area meant for praying to Mother Mary, taking out a few solar lights along with him, so I’m sure we were quite the sight as Scott and I tried to grab at the bumbling toddler and discreetly push the solar lights back into the ground while trying to keep from knocking over the entire darn display.  Aargh.  Boys!

Never a dull moment, I suppose.

Then we headed back to the car, and munched on Sun Chips while looking at all the bee-oooo-tiful mansions in town (seriously, Atchison, you are pretty much the most Perfect Small Town in America, sheesh), then headed back home.  A full blog post on that lovely town will be coming in the near future 🙂     After we got home we got the car unpacked, things settled, then joined our awesome neighbors on their front porch for a late evening watermelon feast.  And then Scott’s old friend Aaron came by for a visit as well, so – we were actually quite busy this evening.  I dare say that Pete pretty much passed out the moment his head hit the pillow.  And I’m sure it will be the same for us, once I get this finished up and finally posted…

Have a wonderful Labor Day, every one.  Will check back in again soon.



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  1. I love Pete-O’s Nirvana shirt! Totally jealous 😉

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