Week in Review – 28 August 2011

I actually have no idea who this child is, she was just there rocking that charming little rag-hat thing when I was out taking pictures this weekend so I couldn’t help but sneak in a shot. I mean, that’s one heck of a what-the-hell face.

Anyhoo! Good week, people. I have been busy at work so haven’t been out a lot but when we did go out, we made it count. Friday we headed downtown for dinner, and happened to run into the Final Fridays crowds.

On the one hand: yeah, us! Final Fridays has been on our Summer Bucket List so that’s something else to cross off. However, it also was a wee bit of a shock because I had no idea (regardless of the DATE) that this was the actual last Friday/weekend in August. Man, where in the world is the time going.

We saw our favorite street band while out (some of the buskers are still hanging around town), so we stopped and listened for awhile.

Then Pete tried to recreate the fancy hat-flip. He didn’t quite get it, though. Ah well, ten points for style.

Oh, yeah: and rainbow came along for the trip.  I showed Pete how to use it as a kitty carrier, so it is officially indispensable.

Saturday we had a birthday party to attend – this time, for Binya.  Another party involving outside time (pools included this go around), so all the kids got good and worn out.

Also: Danielle makes amazing cupcakes.  Chocolate with marshmallow filling, chocolate ganache, topped with Hello Pandas? Yes, please.

We headed back home to get some things done.  I made barbecue shrimp with cheese grits for dinner (recipe to be blogged later, I promise).

Then we met up with our neighbors for an after-dinner ice cream – it was Gary’s birthday, and we were honored to get to celebrate with them.  Gary and Julia live next door, and are usually hanging out on their front porch when we get home.  They are nice enough to pretend to care when Pete runs across the yard to have them say hello to his kitties, or talk to them about bugs, or whatever.  They usually sneak him a cookie or juice box when they see us, and are just the nicest neighbors around.  So Gary and Julia: we were honored to toast Gary’s birthday with dipped cones and you guys.

Sunday we headed downtown yet again, this time to South Park to check out the Fiddling and Picking Championship.  This is held every year at South Park, and yet in the 12 years we have been here we have never gone.  I have no idea why, because it is the coolest little thing.  Lots of groups doing individual jam sessions, vendors, food galore, and 2 stages where the bands play and competitions are held.

We listened for awhile, then walked around and cooled off in the fountain.

They also have a “silly hat station” tent set up, to create a hat out of paper bags (later there is also a parade to show off your designs).  People got very creative but we stuck to the crayons/markers table just to stay safe.  That didn’t stop Pete from decorating his arms in green dinosaur stripes.

Then we sat and took in some more of the music.  We grabbed some food while there: um, food at this thing is insanely cheap.  Big bag of kettle corn for a buck.  That kept Pete busy for quite awhile.

After that we just headed home.  Late nap, yard time, sprinkler and sprayer time, and kinda late to bed.  That’s okay, it’s still summer (this week, anyway).


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