Ah, Friday.

I had a few good ideas for a post today, like: maybe tell you the story about how Pete and I saw a rainbow on the way to daycare the other day. And he was instantly in awe of it, while I pointed out the different bands of color and how a rainbow happens and how it is a rare sight indeed. And then yesterday he found a neck-strap from a beverage koozie in the back of a kitchen drawer (bought while on a float trip we took, way back in our youth) (and a rainbow-striped neck strap, I should point out) and he screamed excitedly that MOMMY I FOUND A BIMBO! A BIMBO! And then proceeded to carry it around all day and insisted on bringing it along to daycare and then later to the Farmer’s Market, proudly showing it off and announcing to strangers to IS NICE BIMBO and PET MY BIMBO and oh my goodness, I die.

However I have yet to get any photos of Pete with his beloved bimbo, so I kinda decided that it wasn’t post-worthy.

Then I thought I’d write up about the Halstead Old Settlers festival, or that awesome park in Manhattan, KS of all places, or there was this awesome salad I made today with baby heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and balsamic. But I didn’t have the energy to edit photos, and I didn’t get any photos of the salad, so those are kinda out of the question, too.

So instead, I leave you with a quick photo I took of some flowers spied while out with Doots. I’ve been working a lot lately, so rather than edit, rather than work on business stuff, rather than clean or do those dirty dishes waiting in the sink or tackle that painting project – I’m going to take my baby for a nice long walk, because the weather is lovely. I can save those projects for another day.

Happy Friday, y’all!


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