Week in Review 21 August 2011

Hiya. Lots of bubble-time this week, it was in the 80s/90s and not very humid. At least, it was until it started raining a whole bunch. But anyway! Lots of bubble time before that!

That, aside from a rockin’ Supper Club meeting on Friday, was pretty much the highlight of my week.  The weekend was much better – we headed to KC for the day, first a birthday party for the lovely Miss Maddie.

So: there were cake pops at the party. I have kinda didn’t like cake pops much before this encounter. I mean, okay: I only saw them on blogs. But: on lots and Lots and LOTS of blogs, people. I was sick of them without ever having seen one in person, in the flesh. So anyway: Alaina had cake pops instead of cupcakes/sheet cake at the party. OMG you guys, they were totally awesome. For one, the cutest things I have ever seen. And to boot: when you go to a party, you run around and chat and have a nice lunch and then you are pretty full. Cake is cake it is true, but you aren’t in the mood to eat a whole piece or whole cupcake. And kids, toddlers especially, cannot eat a whole cupcake. But a cake pop? They can do that. With relish. Plus: totally not messy. Plus again: cute as a button. And Alaina also had a small cake for candle-blowing, so if you need to eat more there is always going to be another small cake around for that.

So, cake pops: let me offer my sincere apologies for writing you off before, you are totally perfect and I am totally having you at Pete’s next party.

The rest of Saturday included much running around and errands that did not need camera time. Like: getting Pete’s hair cut. Oh, lawdy – this gets worse and worse every time we do it. This time, Scott and I both had to hold him down while he screamed and thrashed and Pete’s miracle hair stylist Luanne flew her hands/scissors around Pete’s head like some modern-day Edward Scissorhands. After 5 minutes we were all covered in cropped curls but voila: like magic it was perfectly trimmed and layered. I love that woman, I tipped her like half the cost of the cut and it was worth every darn penny.

So: yeah, Saturday was busy with not much downtime. We made up for it on Sunday. Sunday morning we all slept in, then Pete and I sneaked out to get some donuts for breakfast. Usually Sunday is Hash and Eggs Breakfast day (Scott slings the best hash breakfast this side of the Mississippi), but today no one felt like cooking. That’s okay: donuts at the kiddie table is just as lovely.

After breakfast we cleaned the house, did laundry, all that good stuff. Pete made us a seven-course meal out of Play-Doh (shown: course 2, popcorn soup).

We put Pete down for an early nap, and ran around the yard cleaning like a couple of crazy maniacs.  Back into the house, showered, then woke up the boy so we could head downtown.  Because Ladies and Gents: it’s Busker Fest.


We love us some buskers. We haven’t missed a year yet, not even last year when there were torrential downpours all day. This year was clear and sunny (and HOT), but there were several shady spots too, so we had a nice day walking around. Taking in all the juggling and music and fire-eating. Poking into stores and ducking into entry ways for a second to cool off for a bit.


Paulo: we found you the most perfect pillow in Urban Outfitters…

Every year this zydeco band is there. They are our absolute favorite band at Busker Fest.

We started and ended the day with the Volet aerial artists. Clearly I had a good time photographing them. But they were so good, I couldn’t help but park my rear as close as possible and take 8-bajillion photos. Enjoy. Or try not to die from aerial artistry overload.

We ended Busker Fest with Pete doing a little aerial artistry of his own. Then a quick dinner at Cielito Lindo before heading home. Long day, but fun. And now I’m out – Happy Sunday, all! More to come later in the week, as always.



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  1. Those aerial photos are beautiful! Oh how I love Lawrence and all of its weirdness.

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