While on daycare leave, we wandered down to Funkytown.

Funkytown was a little place we had heard of through local connections – a yard in town, on the eastern side, where toys can be left and ‘new’ toys can be taken. A toy trading post of sorts. I imagined a big yard full of curiosities. When we finally made our way there, I discovered it is a teeny corner on the perimeter of the backyard. Which made it even more charming.

We spent maybe 15 minutes there, taking in all the little toys and bits.  We left our offering – the bunny hanging on the left, a random yard sale find that oddly didn’t really ever catch Pete’s eye after that initial yard-sale morning.  Maybe he will wiggle his way into some other kiddo’s heart.

And Pete had no problem finding his choice – a busted up old toy Little People van, perfect for outside play. We had a fun time checking it out and will probably make regular stops, just to check everything out. Cute spot.

PS – please ignore his choice of footwear. The ugly blue sandals are blessedly outgrown, but now he’s insistent on wearing his house slippers everywhere instead. Some day, he’ll wear nice shoes again, I have hope.


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