Week in Review – 14 August 2011

Hi. We just got home shortly, lots to catch up on so let’s make this one short. On words, I mean. Except, spoiler: I think I’m more deliriously blather-like than normal when I’m tired. Er, sorry.

Oh my goodness, what a week. Work got really busy. Family from Wisconsin was visiting – my oldest sister Coco, her husband, and cutie-pie niece Cat were doing the rounds with the Kansas side of the family. They stopped in with my parents one evening, chatting for a bit and bestowing an awesome handmade octopus + crack blanket upon Pete. I mean ‘crack blanket’ in the nicest way, really – Coco’s handmade baby blankets are notorious for being favorites amongst her nieces and nephews. No exception here, Pete calls it “new billy” and insists that it join him for bedtime every evening.

So anyway: good times with family, as usual not long enough. Much love, G family 🙂

Other than that, the Big Excitement of the Week involved our beloved neighborhood grocery store, Dillons (lovingly nicknamed ‘the Dirty D’ short for ‘the Dirty Dillons’ because while we loved it for its convenience right down the block, it was also a wee bit old and there is always some homeless dude in there stealing food). ANYWAY – it’s getting a major facelift, complete remodel, which means it will be closed for about a year. Saturday was the last day open and Friday was when the “secret sales” began, including 25% off everything in the store (barring any dried goods). We headed that way and grabbed lots of meats and frozen goods to stash in the deep freeze, and organic goodies as well. We also got Pete a Balloon Pet finally. Okay so there are these total rip-off mylar balloon animal things, complete with “leashes”, that sell at the grocery stores for about ten bucks a pop. Total waste of money. Only: the Balloon Pets at the Dirty D were marked down to $1.95, and who could pass that up, so Pete was the proud owner of Ribbit the Frog (named the thing himself). He insisted on “walking” it around the store, dragging it behind him from the shopping cart, then dragged it outside through the parking lot AND (just for good measure) parading it in front of the house for awhile to get all our elderly neighbors good and jealous before finally bringing it in the house. Needless to say, Ribbit got a leak. He’s now half deflated, sitting on the table. Not quite sure we even got our $1.95’s worth, honestly.

This weekend we headed to Scott’s hometown, to visit family and check out their annual summer festival. My darling husband likes to keep the car at approximately 40F in the summertime, so we made sure to bundle up for the ride.

A farming-silo-ish thing on the drive there.

Probably a separate post in it later, as I got so many photos, but just a few to tide you over. We hit up the parade.

Had a blast at the petting zoo.

Played for a bit at the park.

Okay and I need to take a moment here to talk about my most favorite vehicle of all time: the Scout. They have this huge Scout show there every year and I die, thinking about how badly I want one. I think they are so awesome! Vintage and vaguely beachy and charmingly quirky, and I dunno what it is about them but I love them. Some day, I will have one.

We went back and chilled with Scott’s parents, then headed back to town to go to a benefit dinner. Good food, good cause, and cute dogs peeking at us from the back yard.

Afterwards Pete went back with his grandparents, having a fun evening while Scott and I got to catch up with friends over washers and a fire pit. Good times 🙂

The next day we had morning with the grandparents.  During breakfast Pete got a little quiet at the table so I looked over to find him focused on practicing his silverware skills.  With his feet.

We saw some friends, then had our usual lunch in Hutch, popping in to say hi to Uncle Eric before heading home. Then off we went, through the Flint Hills.  And anyone who says that the Kansas landscape is flat, boring, and nothing to write home about is… well, sometimes right.  BUT.  The Flint Hills (as well as other spots) are just gorgeous, and if you only consider Kansas to be a flyover state, well then.  Your loss.


We usually stop halfway home when making the trek back from Hutch, to stretch out legs and keep the kiddo from going crazy. This time we stopped in Manhattan, having a quick snack of fries (and in Pete’s case: also Nutter Butters enjoyed under the table) at the Little Apple Brewery.

After that we spotted a park, something we promised Pete if he was good. And oh my goodness – if there is anything that Manhattan can school Lawrence in, it’s parks. Lawrence: take note. We found huge playgrounds, an awesome sand pit area, and this awesome water fountain mini-park. The whole place was pure heaven for the Doots. We stayed about 90 minutes longer than planned, until he was soaked and re-dressed and exhausted, and then we still had to drag him away. Definitely a place to hit up on future visits.

Static hair, gotta love the slides.

That’s it, my darlings. Very very tired, still have laundry to do. Will write more later, promise. Have a great week!


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