The Goos Family

I have known Jenny and Ty for a long time – Jenny and I worked together at an ice-cream store back in college, that’s how I met the two of them (they are high school sweethearts). Scott graduated from that college and I transferred out, and once I left that college town we lost touch with Jenny and Ty. So imagine my surprise when, after we bought our house, I met our new neighborhood’s mail carrier one day – and who was standing there in front of me in that snazzy uniform, but Jenny’s now-husband, Ty. Not only did they also end up settling here in Lawrence, but we belong to the same church, and Pete will be in the same class as their youngest, Madelyn. Sometimes life presents you with the nicest little surprises 🙂

Let me tell you a little bit about Jenny. She’s a total sweetheart, with a bubbly personality and a go-get-’em spirit. After having their 3 gorgeous kids, she took that spunky attitude and applied to living a healthier lifestyle, joining up with Body Boutique (a local women’s fitness center).  She has now lost over 100 lbs. Over. One hundred. Pounds. Holy moly, she is an inspiration – put your mind to it and work hard, and you can overcome life’s major obstacles.

Jenny needed some photos for a promotional spot with Body Boutique, and asked if I could meet up with her family to take them for her. How in the world could I say no to something as cool as that? So now I present to you: Jenny, Ty, and their three “Gooslings”: Jacob, Nicholas, and Madelyn. Check out those blue peepers on the whole lot of them, I’m insanely jealous.

Congratulations, Jenny. You are such a gorgeous girl, both inside and out 😛

This is their princess 🙂   She has her daddy wrapped around her pinkie finger.

Here are the high-school sweethearts 🙂

Jacob is a kid after my own heart – he showed off his sweet moves.  That kid is a dance machine.

Last one, we caught her sucking her thumb.  Gotta capture that for posterity, right?


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