And now, Happy Beah Day

Happy birthday to my dear, darling, weirdo sister: The Beah.

We have been best buds since before I can even remember, and she has shared many of her gifts with me throughout the years.  Like her stunning sense of style. (Guess the Beah in the picture below.  A hint: it’s not the one in the sweet Sesame Street shirt.)

She taught me to beware of the man-eating baby zombies in the baby aisles of Target.

She showed me to keep things you truly treasure in life out of reach of your children.  Because they’ll ruin them (or: eat them).

She is not afraid to pimp her wholesome dairy products.

She also taught me never to touch her ice cream.

And that it’s important to teach your children the wonders of ice cream at a young age.

She showed me that it’s okay to just be yourself.

Whenever she comes to visit, she makes sure to leave me surprise gifts on my kitchen chalkboard wall, usually drawings of  block people with flappy wings and a line of bullet-holes in their heads.

And yeah, okay: she also might have shared with me her gift of weird.

She is my sister, my partner in crime, and she’s there for me always – and that’s the best gift she could ever share with me 🙂   Much love, my Beah-ster.  Never change. Happy birthday, here’s to many more weird moments in the future.  And enjoy your ice cream cake.

PS – this picture makes me die every time I see it, because you could totally be confused for my baby’s wet nurse.

XOXO times a bajillion,


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