Week in Review – 31 July 2011

Weekend! This is late, so let’s just dive right in. This weekend, we…

– Well, *I* had a fab Friday. Nikki came up for a visit, we had a nice girl’s night of Thai food and cocktails followed by a movie (The Tree of Life******ASTERICKS-OMG-SEE-END**) and a quick trip in her shiny new midlife-crisis car (with the top down, I mean obviously). Anyway, during dinner Nikki pointed out that a nun had just passed by the restaurant, on the sidewalk outside, carrying a cat. Being that we are in Lawrence, I didn’t think twice about it (except that: I wished I was facing the restaurant window and had my camera out). As luck would have it, that sweet little nun walked past again as we were headed to the theater. This is Lawrence, folks: never a dull moment.

– Had a lovely Saturday morning. Nikki filled Pete’s Pez dispenser while we chatted over iced coffee. This, clearly, endeared her to him for LIFE.

– Hit up the Farmer’s Market. Nikki and Pete pretended they were airplanes and zoomed around the place for awhile, then we all parted ways afterwards. Nikki is probably all safe and sound back at home tonight and HOPEFULLY she is reading The Hunger Games, which I oh-so-kindly loaned to her.

– Finally picked up a package of rosemary shortbreads from Backdoor Bakery‘s selection. I have been eye-balling these things for awhile now and let me just say: I don’t know how I ever got by in the past without these things. They are soft and buttery with a warm honey flavor and the slightest hint of rosemary. LOVE. I have already attempted to recreate them in my own kitchen, and while the flavors are there the texture is off and IT IS JUST NOT THE SAME MAN. If you ever come across this bakery’s goodies you must must MUST try their treats. So delicious.

– Ate a lot of cold treats on the porch (oh heat wave, we are fighting you with all our might).

– Finally scratched the “cloud-gazing” off of our Summer Bucket List.

– Made a fantastic meal of mussels steamed in a Saison broth, with sourdough for dipping.  MMMMM.  And by that, I mean my darling husband made the meal.  Me, I sat on my butt and watched Arrested Development episodes while he slaved in the kitchen.

– Played inside, a lot. Sunday was hot, hotter than hot and OMG I AM SO OVER THE HEAT YOU GUYS.  I mean, I get it, we’re in Kansas.  It gets hot and humid in the summer.  But this is really really sweaty/nasty/dirty/gross overall, and I’m over it.  So, anyway: yeah we played inside a lot.  Trains, play kitchen, “play clean” (we seriously need to hide our vinegar spray bottle, before he drowns the entire house in the stuff), etc.  Lots of time hanging out on our bed, which is not only fun for jumping but for playing choo-choo (by lining up all the pillows in a row; yeah I don’t get it either) and caves and Superman and monsters.  And for playing hide and seek.

–  We did in fact venture out a little bit, to water plants and the new forsythia and play in the shade.  And start steeping in our sweat within 5 minutes’ time.  BLAH, SUMMER.  So we made sure there was always water within reach.

– Sometimes, even though you hear all the warnings, you just have to stop and drink from the hose.

– Then of course, head back inside to hang out in the AC, take a quick shower, and relax in the cool sheets for awhile.


* I feel like I need to talk a little more about the movie.  I mean, because this is the big It Movie of the year and all that. Terrence Malick is my kind of director, he loves natural light and can frame an image like no one else.  He filmed an entire film during the magic hour (we watched it in a film class I took in college).  Voice-over narration and stream-of-consciousness scenes are also his hallmarks, and he uses all three of these things to the maximum in this film.   Be forewarned if you choose to go see it: there is very, very little dialogue.  And also there is a minor plot point involving dinosaurs (yeah, really: dinosaurs).

I thought it was gorgeous, but bounces all over the place and at least one key part didn’t make much sense to me (what in the world was happening on that beach at the end?  Are they all dead?  Or is just Jack dead?  Are those three versions of the mom cupping hands?  Or… maybe Jack is still just daydreaming?  I mean, whaaaaat in the hell is actually going on there??  Oh, and why was there a mask in the water?).  The entire film, presumably, takes place in the mind of the grown adult Jack, and is much like Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, I suppose, except flashing back to a childhood in the 1950s.  But I liked it, I really did, I thought the portions set in 1950s Texas were the strongest, with the children portraying the young Jack and RL stealing the show.  We had a few people walk out of the movie, and when it was over I think the lady behind us was crying (that, or: laughing hysterically).  And honestly – after a silent trip out of our seats and then out of the theater, it was only when we had walked about half a block that Nikki and I turned to each other and were cracking up while trying to figure out what in the heck it was that we just saw. I mean really, it was good but also kinda pretentious.  So I’m glad I saw it, even if it was rather abstract and I’m not sure I quite understand everything going on in there.

That’s it!  And done for another week.  Will chat again soon my lovelies.  Have a good week 🙂


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