Week in Review – 24 July 2011

Happy Sunday!  The week seemed to fly by: had a book club meeting (this time in KC; we officially have enough members in KC now to head that way for a few meetings), lots of things going on.  Pete is officially into movies – more specifically, Toy Story.  We watched one of the Toy Story movies on Netflix and his eyes bugged out and he was captivated – we have now watched it every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and every time he sits there with a goofy smile on his face, clutching his kitties to his chest.

Ever since, he has been especially considerate of the kitties, making them plates of food at meals and making sure they are comfortable at home and sharing lots of talks, hugs, and bestowing kisses on their soft little heads.   My guess is he thinks they are like Woody and Buzz et al., alive and only showing it when we’re not around.

Thursday was the Annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. This year I had a partner in crime, my buddy Julie, and we started at dawn. Lots of goodies to be found for the boy, toys to hide away for Christmas, clothes for next summer, shoes, and a jacket for colder days; Julie also found the cutest snowsuit EVAR for her little girl next winter (folks: if you live nearby, the Lawrence Sidewalk Sale is worth it just for the North Face clearance at Sunflower. Trust me). We shopped and shopped until the heat made us want to collapse on the sidewalk, then had a nice long lunch at 715. Lovely day.

Saturday I tagged along on a trip to the lake with my bestest girlies. It was a blast. We gathered and drove to the dock and boarded the boat, got settled and chatted about our plans while we boated out on the lake. And watched some 4-year-old school us on how to properly rock it out on the water (while her parents zoomed past our boat on the water). Nice.

We floated and chatted and had a good time, and Eeyore the Dolphin manned the boat. Sooooo. We were all instructed to bring along a flotation device. I didn’t have anything, so the night before the trip I ran down to Target to pick something. Only – Target had nothing but baby floaties left. Same at the next place I stopped. I had to go to the grocery store to grab limes so I tried there last: all the store had left was inflatable dolphins. So an inflatable dolphin it was. Only, that thing SUCKS TO RIDE ON, it doesn’t sit flat on the water but instead rolls around and around; everyone who tried to sit on it almost drowned. So I guess good thing it was only six bucks. I discreetly stole someone else’s noodle and floated on that all day.

I also burned, BAD, even with three applications of sunscreen. I should have known better than to expose my lily-white skin to the evil sun. I have been applying aloe vera every half hour or so and let’s all cross our fingers that my skin doesn’t rot off.

Sunday we ran our errands and did laundry and it kinda sprinkled a little in the morning (translation: the temp went down about 5 degrees but the humidity shot up 30%). In the afternoon we met up with some friends so our boys could run around together; we shopped downtown and then had dinner. Neither of our kids had naps, which meant they were a little more… enthusiastic… about everything than normal. Thankfully we all still had a smashing time 🙂

And that is pretty much it for the week, folks. We had a little fun in the yard, but frankly when it is 115F with the heat index even running in the sprinkler is taxing, and all the city pools feel more like a sauna. I am working from home tomorrow and have the rest of the week off of work, however (daycare is on vacation), so my hope is to find some creative ways to get us out and about all week.

Pray for us 😉

Have a lovely week, all.



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  1. I repented and made a quick Sidewalk Sale trip through Blue Dandelion…and bought that exact pair of shoes in a hopefully next Winter/Spring size.

    • Yay, shoe twins!! They had one last pair in there today, at $15. It was a large size (9, maybe?) but I am thinking about going in and snapping them up. I love See Kai Run shoes (fyi when you have a walker: Pedipeds and Riley Roos are also awesome first-walker shoes).

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