Week in Review – 17 July 2011

Hi.  It’s Sunday.  I’m tired.  Let’s get a move on, shall we?

For starters, Pete loves his stuffed animals.  But then again, this is nothing new to any regular reader of this blog.  Moving along…

The week was hot as sin, with heat warnings and talk of an official heat wave and heat indices in the 110s so yeah. Not much to do outside except fry and potentially get heat stroke, so we stayed mostly indoors all week.

Saturday morning we met up with friends, finally getting our boys together – we took a walk on campus and then took a dip in the Chi O fountain. It was hot but we had a good time. I have to say the water helped us all stay perky 🙂

That afternoon we attended Ava’s birthday party, held at a local gym. Um. They didn’t have any normal ventilation, no AC, nothing. It was hot to say the least, but the kiddos paid it no mind and played to their hearts’ content and a good time was had by all.

And then we were so hot that afterwards Pete and I ran through the Little Caesars drive-thru to pick up some crazy bread and a $5 hot-and-ready. There would be no heating up of our little home just to make some dinner that evening, no way.

Sunday we met up some friends at the KC Zoo. It was hot. AGAIN. This appears to be the theme of the blog post… We still had a lot of fun, despite the heat, and all agreed that maybe the fall would be a good time for another group Zoo visit.

Bridge sat in the cargo area on the tram ride to Africa.

We stopped for some frozen lemonades before heading back on the tram. Bridge, she was addicted to her frozen lemonade. Sad face, then eat more, then pucker-face. Repeat until gone.

Now, here is a funny story. After we all said our good-byes in the zoo parking lot and all headed on our way – we decided to hit up Trader Joes on the way home. Yes, my friends, the Kansas City area has finally been blessed with Trader Joes stores, both opening in the past week. One on the Missouri side, and one on the Kansas side. We chose to stop at the Missouri one, because we can get the good stuff (aka Two Buck Chuck) there. So we drive over, the parking lot is packed but we find a sweet parking spot near the front. There are no carts left, none. The place is hopping. We find a cart inside, we squash the squirmy toddler in a cart, we start towards the produce and stop, looking around, trying to get our bearings in the busy store so we can start our shopping. And then my darling husband’s eyes get big, he laughs, he points. “Look!”. I look in the general direction in which he is pointing. The… murals? On the wall? Yes, lovely!

He shakes his head, laughs again, “no, look – there’s your parents!”.

Yes, ladies and gents, not only did my parents make the drive up to Kansas City (no short trip from the ‘Burg), but they went to check out a new TJs. The same store we stopped at. And happened to be there at the same exact time, perusing the produce at the same moment that we were. Fate! They also brought along Tinnie, so after having a good laugh at the fact that we ran into each other, we hustled over to the wine aisles and found her, scaring the poor girl half to death. We all hopped into a line, a few paces behind each other, and then stood there for the approximate-45-minute wait to get to the front. It was kinda crazy but worked. Pete and I stayed with our cart and sent Scott out on a hunt for several items, slowly filling our cart from the checkout line. This seemed to be a decent strategy. After TJs, we had a late lunch at Nick and Jakes with the family before we headed our separate ways.

Not a lot of time left to our Sunday after that. We cleaned and finished the grocery shopping, did a lot of laundry. Pete jumped on the bed. A lot. And that was pretty much it.

Heat warnings all week, but take heart – it is also the annual sidewalk sale, and I have a partner-in-crime joining me this time, so it will be shopping shopping shopping until we drop. From heat exhaustion, probably. BUT NOT BEFORE WE GET SOME AWESOME DEALS AND A NICE LUNCH WITH WINE. Ohhhhh yeah.


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