Week in Review – 03 July 2011

Let’s start with some cat talk.  Pete’s first true love kitty, Momo Ver.1, seemed like it would be a lifelong buddy, but he was sadly tossed aside when the next cute fluffy new kitty came along. This cycle has continued with each new stuffed animal kitty, until – on a whim, I replaced the batteries on Momo Ver.1, just for laughs (we got tired of replacing the batteries weekly due to overuse, and haven’t done so since early February).  Oh my goodness, with batteries there is a new-found adoration for his first love.  Momo Ver.1 goes with us everywhere now.  We’ll see how long this lasts (my guess: until the batteries wear out).

So there’s that. I got home from Portland mid-week, returning to a very hot, humid Kansas. We have decided the heat can’t bring us down, so there’s been a lot of pool time and sprinkler time and post-dinner ice cream cones on the porch every evening. That certainly helps.

Pete has always been a guy who loves a clean house, I mean he was even trying to help the maintenance lady at the Omaha Zoo clean the bathroom floors (yeah: fun). This love of cleaning has grown to include doing dishes, every night he drags a chair over and plays in the suds. And yeah, I know this is a random bit of information but I am posting it here so I can come back in 10 years and show him that HELLOOOOO, YOU USED TO LOVE DOING THE DISHES HERE IS PROOF NOW GET TO WORK.

Saturday we took a quick day trip over to Topeka, hit up Gage Park. I took about a bajillion photos so a separate post will be coming on that, soonish. We tackled the zoo, Animal Land, the train (although sadly, not the one we wanted), then the Carousal. Spent way more time there than we expected and will definitely be making a return trip.

Saturday evening a “cold front” blew in (if going to 85F can really be considered “cool”). We were tired after our trip to Topeka but man, weather like that can’t be wasted, so after a late-and-quick nap we headed downtown.

First things first, we hit the pool. We love the wading pool downtown, it is a godsend. We are having Pete’s birthday party here next year and yeah, I think it’ll be a good spot.

We do have one slight problem right now with the wading pool. When I was in Portland Pete and Scott went down for a dip one evening, and a bunch of lightning bugs flew into the pool. Causing a few kids to start freaking out, which soon (as these things do) spread to a cause a Mass Panic by all children in the pool. Fun times! Glad I missed it! However, it also caused Pete to have a mental breakdown the first time he found a dead bug floating in the water. Pool time, over. Er, yeah. I hope we get over that soon.

After some pool time, we spend some quality time in the park, running amok to dry off. I also took a few shots of the flowers around the playground because they are still so nice and lush, even after all the heat! My flowers at home are not doing quite so well, I need to take a few pointers from the park flowers and try planting a few different flower types next year.

Late night for us, then we all slept in. Sunday was rainy and kinda blah, thankfully it held up when it counted – just in time for the Sunday Tour of Lawrence races. We headed downtown and grabbed some lunch, did a little window shopping, and watched those bikes whiz by. Made us think of Paulo – we miss you, dude. Next year maybe Doots will do his uncle proud and take part in the kiddo bike race in the morning…

KU sponsored a section of the street blocked off for the kids, with rides and a bounce house and lots of little goodies to give away. Pete snagged a football, and we had to toss the thing around the entire walk back to the car. Spoiler: it was a looooooong walk.

And that’s about it, my friends. Not the most eventful weekend, but nice nonetheless. If I’m feeling ambitious there might be something to blog about tomorrow (maybe a recipe, like my most favorite side salad in the world that I’m making for our BBQ…). Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday, everyone!



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  1. I like the picture of Pete sitting with the towel around him. Very precious!

  2. Kitties and Cycling, my favorites! Sad to miss the Tour of Lawrence this year, but fear not, by the time I come back both Pete and I will be in it!

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