Late Weekly Update – 06.28.11

So, like. I totally went to Portland for work. And I survived. Actually it was pretty lovely, the meetings were on PSU campus which is gorgeous and it’s just lush and the weather is PERFECTION for summer and yeah. I went there for work and stuff but I still fell in love and would move there in a heartbeat. The end.

This society meeting was very busy, lots of meetings to attend and then hang out and talk to folks about bats and things and then there were plenty of social activities in the evenings. My partner in crime at this society meeting for a good 8 years running, C, and I met up in Portland this time, and we were still able to sneak away on a free evening and hit up a ghost tour of the Old Town area (we haven’t done the ghost tour since before we were saddled with kids, I believe our Alberquerque trip, so we were due a good ghost tour). We were even handed those nifty ghost-tracking-device things this time. Rock on.

The ghost tour was a little lame, but we made friends with a few friendly heroin addicts on our train ride in (no really, high-as-a-kite junkie friends who were picking imaginary bugs off themselves and passing around Mexican sodas) and then in the middle of the tour some dude was busted by the cops approximately 3 feet in front of us, so yeath: we still considered it a productive ghost tour.

While the ghostly portion of the tour kinda sucked, we still enjoyed a nice long walking tour of the Old Town area and learned a ton of facts about the place. Some highlights: Benson bubblers, Dan & Louis Oyster Bar (oldest spot in town!), awesome old boutique hotels abound, Portland is weird (this is a good thing), it flooded a lot, Chinatown has some bizarre crap like the Elvis Church thing, and whoa but they have a healthy abundance of these awesome little food shacks.

Our ghost tour was supposed to end with some time in the Shanghai Tunnels, but it was pretty much a dorky trip under some pizza spot where they turned off the lights and called for “Nina” to talk to us. Lame. Didn’t stop me from yelping loudly (hello: let’s say ‘bravely’) and clinging to C when the pizza place’s generator made a noise, and also taking a few shots of our ghost-hunt-tools going nutty.

Then we had pizza at the pizza joint, which by the way was pretty decent. Even at 11pm. Then we took the train home and that was officially the end of the sightseeing portion of our trip.

We were also presented with some Voodoo Donuts action along our tour, only… This place has been hyped up by everyone we know and I’ve seen it highlighted on FoodTV and Travel Channel and there was some little snobby wannabe-hipster in me that feigned indifference (I mean you know, because I’m the cool chick who goes to bed at 9pm so I can watch Law & Order reruns in bed, so clearly I’m the one to listen to) plus C and I were not in the mood to stand in line for an hour learning Swahili, so we skipped this particular landmark. If you wanna learn more though it does sound sorta cool so check out this website, my friends: VOODOO MADNESS WOOOOOOOOO.  I did really dig the exterior, for the record, with their new neon signage and glitter-paint brick.

The rest of the trip was more meetings and client time and before we left for PSU every morning, I headed down to grab some breakfast in the hotel lobby. And always grabbed a banana for the Doots, not realizing what I was doing until I was back in my room to feed it to him. Mommy habits, they apparently die hard. That’s okay, the hotel-nightstand-photo of Doots was still very excited to find himself presented with some banana.

I have issues. I know.

So that’s about it. The last night we hit up the banquet and ran the auction, and I may or may not have bid on (and won) a 20-inch stuffed animal snow leopard for the Doots, the Lovah of all Kittehs, and he may or may not have spent about 45 minutes in his bed tonight, cooing and singing songs to the damn thing before going to sleep tonight OH MY GOD PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN EVERY EVENING SO HELP ME GAWD.

Gah. So anyway, I’m back. And so’s the snow leopard and a ton of laundry and I’m not terribly excited about working tomorrow, but whatever I will live. The end. Go Portland. Yeah. And I hope you all had a great week without me and we’ll talk again soon after I get a decent night’s rest. Amen and stuff.


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  1. I think I want to cover my house with giltter paint.

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