Short Hiatus

We went out for Chinese buffet tonight (Pete’s first time, and he loved the fact that he could get up from the table and cruise the buffet tables several times without getting into trouble, so thanks Jules for the awesome tip on toddler dining).  My fortune was rather appropriate, given that I am headed to Portland early tomorrow morning.  Work related, but still there will be a little exploring in the evenings and I get a nice big fluffy hotel bed to myself, so I’ll take it.



Anyway, the blog might be a bit quiet; my pedicure is done and packing has commenced so I might be able to schedule  a post or two but can’t promise anything.  And if you have any recommendations for Portland don’t be shy, leave a comment, give us something fun to do 🙂


Oh my boys, I wish you were just a wee bit smaller so I could hide you both away in my luggage.



Anyway: have a great week, all!  Will be back late next week with a vengeance.


And PS: Scott as always, I have left you a Post-It note in my underthings drawer, with a song request written on it, to use at my funeral in case I die in a fiery crash while hurdling through the air in that metal tube called an airplane.  This time it’s Remember Me (Cat Power version).  I’m on a Cat Power kick lately, sorry, deal.  Oh and please burn those ugly blue shoes you bought for Pete, in my honor.


Also PPS I totally just smudged my pedicure so I guess at least no one will see that if I die in a plane crash.  😉   See y’all next week.


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