Shatto Dairy Tour

Last Saturday, we headed east and met up with some friends to check out the Shatto Dairy.

Shatto Milk Company is a small, family-owned dairy farm north of the Kansas City area; the family has been farming for over 100 years and have been running the dairy since the 1940s. Their dairy products are to die for, with their root beer milk rated #1 (at the World Dairy Exposition) and—according to word of mouth while touring on Saturday—their butter has been ranked #8 in the world. Their 2%, strawberry milk, and other products are also award winners, I mean this dairy is no slouch. We can get their butter and ice creams in Lawrence but have to head to the KC area if we want any of their milk (namely: root beer milk, omg the best), which is kind of a bummer – and yeah, that milk is worth dragging a cooler along whenever we head into the metro.

They held a Family Day at their farm this past weekend, opening their doors to the public. There were tours, inflatable fun for the kiddos, free lunch and samples, all sorts of fun things to do. Photos of our trip follow, and I have to say the trip was well worth the drive. The kiddos certainly enjoyed themselves 🙂

Cow-petting is a given, all of our kiddos gave it a shot.

Their gift shop building not only houses the gift shop, but gives you a peek into their product production through large windows. They also have a little soda fountain in there, where you can order yummy ice cream goodies.

They were making cheese curds that day, be still my Sconnie heart. They make great cheese curds too, by the way, nice and squeaky 🙂

We got squooshy cows for the kids at the Welcome tent, then we hit the tour of the facilities. Bring on the fuzzy baby cows!

Lots to check out at the sample tent. Julie had her first ever cheese curd, true story. She doesn’t look freaked out or anything (for the record: she ate it and actually liked it).

Gotta try the flavored milks. We all downed shots of as many flavors as we could. Pete was partial to the cotton candy milk. And the root beer. And the coffee. And the banana…

The boys decided they would try to scale the huge inflatable slide. They made it about halfway before changing their minds.

Oh man, but their ice cream sandwiches are pretty darn yummy.

They were playing, I swear. She wasn’t just terrorizing my child with hay.

And then the boys decided to start racing up and down the porch of the gift shop, so we thought it might be best to take leave before someone ended up with a concussion and ruined Family Day at Shatto farms for everyone – those boys are both known for their klutzy tendancies, the last thing they need is to be allowed to run amok together.

Like I said though, we had a blast and not only do I recommend touring the farm but seriously – their milk is divine. Maybe give it a shot the next time you see it in the stores.


As a PS: so as we were leaving, we spotted some guy up on top of one of the tall silo, snapping photos. Uh, I got dizzy just looking at him. You are way cooler than me, my friend, I would have passed out about 5 steps up the ladder. Hope you got some good ones.



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  1. Hilary Edwards June 21, 2011 — 9:07 am

    What a fun post! Such great pics and awesome commentary, as always!
    Hy-Vee on 6th (and sometimes Clinton Parkwasy carry Shatto milk…or at least they used to.
    I also know of a local farmer, just north of Lawrence, that you can get milk, butter, cheese, and eggs ~ if you’re interested, let me know.
    Thanks for such a fun post! =)

    • I ran out there immediately after work yesterday, but didn’t see any Shatto milk 😦 They did have Iwig, but we’ve had problems with their milk in the past (sometimes it would be sour the DAY after we’d open it). I will continue on the hunt. Thanks for commenting to let me know and give me hope for a cooler-less trip to KC!

      • Oh shoot! So sorry to get your hopes up only to be disappointed! No one wants milk that goes sour the day after! ICK! I will keep my eyes peeled, too. If you are interested in Amy’s Meats dairy share, let me know. She does have a facebook page (Amy’s Meats) and they are having an ice cream social tonight.

      • Oooh, Amy’s! I always see her booth at the Farmer’s Market but haven’t bought anything from her yet. Might have to check out her page 🙂 Thanks Hilary!!!

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