Weekly Update 19 June 2011

Another week, another HOT one. We went to the pool, we sat in the pool in the yard, we even broke out our new sprinkler thing we got on the cheap at ALDI. Actually it is pretty awesome so we might go back for more.

Somewhere around Wednesday-ish Pete fell, bashed his face into a couch, and got a nice shiner. This was a shot from the first day and in no way represents the awesome colors we’ve seen bloom across his eye socket area all week.

Friday we had a date night, just Scott and me. We haven’t had a date night in AGES, we were long overdue. Don’t get me wrong, we meet up on Friday afternoons often for lunch or a quick stroll (and a few times I have gotten enough ahead on work, that I’ve been able to sneak out early so we can catch a matinee). Anyway though, a real date night we haven’t had since the wintertimes. So we had a nice dinner, a drink, then caught the latest Woody Allen flick (highly recommended by the way, he’s back to the classics here except change out NYC for Paris). Aaaaaaah, date night, batteries are officially recharged.

PS Paulo – totally thought of you by picking a Woody Allen flick, but more importantly: oh man, but do we wish you were here for this:

Saturday we hit up Shatto Dairy for the day – um, I took approximately a bajillion pictures so you’ll have to tide yourself over with a picture of the darling Bridget until at least tomorrow, when I have a separate post for that.

Also: fried cheese curds, mmmmmmmmm…

After our dairy tour we planned to hit up a few spots in KC. Then my Navigation decided to pewp out (and like seriously but right in front of the AT&T building there, I mean talk about irony). And then we got it fixed, and realized we weren’t in the area we needed to be, but we saw some train tracks and found a road that ran along them, and about the moment we pulled onto the road Pete zonked out in the backseat. Sweet. So needless to say it was not the most productive stop in KC ever.

Pete was so wiped out that he slept through being carried into the house, so we put him down in our bed. For like the third time ever since he’s been a teeny infant, he was sleeping in our bed, so of course I had to take a little cat nap myself because HELLOOOO, SQUOOSHY TODDLER NAPPING BUDDY, YESSSSS.

We spent the rest of the day just chilling at home, running errands, and snarfing down watermelon on the front porch. Pete made quite the puddle, he really gets into his watermelon-eating technique. Also enjoy that Snoopy shirt photo, my friends, because (weirdly enough) the watermelon totally permanently stained the crap out of that shirt. Hello, new cleaning rag, nice to meet you.

Today is, of course, Father’s Day. Pete and I got up early and hit up Munchers for Scott’s super-special Father’s Day breakfast, if you read our blog often enough you are probably noticing a trend… Well those donuts are delish, but not something we really need every single weekend, so we save our Munchers trips for special occasions. When we first moved to Lawrence we lived super-close and ran up to Munchers often (I miss that college girl metabolism). So anyway, it’s a nice treat from a comfy old spot we love. Even if it is in dire need of an interior decorator.

For only going there occasionally, Pete knows our beloved Munchers all too well and he insisted on enjoying one of his mini cinnamon rolls at a table before we headed back home with our donuts and coffee.

We got home and made dad a tray of treats, as well as gave him his presents: new slippers and new shoes, so exciting. 😉 Doots and dad enjoyed their breakfast in the living room, watching train videos (Pete from the comfort of his “choo choo”). We also made dad a batch of oatmeal scotcheroos, super-yummy guys. Recipe to be shared soon.

Scott requested Free State for lunch, so off we went. Forty-five minute wait, yeesh, but eventually we got a table and settled in and while I love my son dearly, he has hit the point of toddlerhood where he is like a cracked out ferret in restaurants so this might be the last time we go to a “normal” spot for at least a little while.

After lunch we decided to stop in at The Dusty Bookshelf. Pete is a dear friend to all cats.

We went home and got some things done, then headed out to the Chi O fountain for a dip before dinner and bedtime. Um, confession: because of all the rain the fountain was not quite up to its usual well-chlorinated standards (aka: a little green-ish). We totally hopped in anyway. Can’t be any worse than lake water 😉   I can’t believe it took us this long to make a trip to the fountain this year.  Will have to get back into our “Chi O Fridays” routine.

It was a good day spent celebrating a great guy. Scottie, you are a fantastic dad, thank you so much for being you. What would Doots do without his daddy monster and your Sunday breakfast hash, my goodness I hate to even think about it.

Being Father’s Day, I have to also recognize another man in my life: my own dear dad. Dad, I was reading old Cely’s blog this morning and laughed quite literally out loud, I stole her picture from today because I must admit, it rings true for you as well:

And much like Cely, my answer would be: helllooooo, we came by the weird quite honestly. You need only look inward when asking yourself why your girls take pictures of themselves with a marshmallow Peep, or why we are obsessed with photos of foot injuries. Yeah, no really: it’s true. I know this is shocking and all. But we have (plenty of) photos to prove it.

Yeah mom’s kinda guilty there too, must admit. Much love dad, miss you guys bunches. Hope you had a great day as well, even if it was Home-Depot-less.



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