Doots Day 2011

Welp, in a perfect world I would be writing the usual birthday post to my baby, and posting his birthday video. But. BUT. We are still exhausted from the weekend. I am fighting against said exhaustion while also trying to do things that should have been done this weekend, like cleaning and laundry and running errands. Then today I had clients in town so had to be at work early. Plus Doots was not in the mood to leave his choo-choo, meaning we weren’t exactly leaving as planned. Then I realized Scott never took out the trash the night before, so I was running around like a mad woman getting it all gathered and to the curb. And then. THEN. I realized that oh, yeah, hey, it’s Pete’s birthday which means I am supposed to bring cupcakes to daycare so they could celebrate…

Needless to say, there will be no video today. This will be the official birthday post, at least for now. But don’t worry – we had a lovely dinner tonight, Pete’s favorites (banana as appetizer, with pizza as the main course). And we stopped at the grocery store on the way to daycare for cupcakes, so he still had a party at daycare. Pete picked them out himself: yellow batman cupcakes, yeah! Or at least, that’s what he was yelling in the store while jumping up and down and he was so excited over the yellow batman cupcakes (yeah!) and clutching the beloved box of cupcakes to his chest, and yeah so I totally didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.

Happy birthday, baby boy.



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  1. Ha! Vampires turn into bats? Maybe it’s a very broad theme, interpretation, thing.

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