Memorial (Sick) Day

So we started out okay.  You know, like, last night.  When we headed to the Merc to get some limes to make dinner, and ended up buying steak, veggies, peaches, pickles, dried bananas, and smoked blue cheese all for our Memorial Day Grill-Fest of Awesome (and completely forget the limes, so I had to sprint back into the store for them as Scott was buckling Pete back in the carseat).  Anyway!  To me, officially the start of Memorial Day since we did the shopping.

And that’s pretty much where the fun ended.  Pete got whiny at dinnertime and was full-on cranky by bedtime.  Which we chalked up to a long day with a short nap, but oh no my friends – by the 3rd time he was up that night, his entire body searingly hot and the poor thing crying and fidgety while I rocked and read to him to soothe him back to sleep, and I had to admit – he was sick.  Maybe it was from the nasty goat sneezing episode, who knows (he did touch a lot of… shavings and stuff… at the farm and was around a crap-ton of kids, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what made him ill).  So it was a long night, and a long day today with lots of this:

Except: that was for the short (blessed) half of an hour he let his father sit with him while he watched choo-choo videos on my phone.  The rest of the day was much whining, sobbing, and screaming for MOMMA MOMMA MOMMEEEEEE! C’MERE, MOMMEEEEEE!  HOLD ME, MOMMA!  He was lethargic and had a fever of 103F+ most of the day and just wanted to be held while half-heartedly watching some sort of train-related distraction.  Which I tried to enjoy, I really did (I mean honestly, toddlers aren’t known for being especially cuddly, they love to move), but man: we had things to do, you know?  I had to peel him off a few times to get important things done like make meals.  Go to the bathroom.  Check my Facebook.  I still got more than my fill of Thomas and Friends and Chuggington and all those weird train videos that a gentleman who goes by ChooChooBob uploaded to YouTube.  We kept him cracked out on baby Motrin and jammed a lot of popsicles and Gatorade down his throat, and by bedtime he seemed like he just might live to see tomorrow.  Fingers crossed he wakes up fever-free so we can both make it to work in the morning…

Anyway.  Yeah.  We may not have gotten any swimming done.  Or any quality outside time enjoyed, frankly (Scott pretty much dashed in and out to the grill while trying to help me while our son lay moaning on my lap).  I was able to get some quality kitchen time in, including (from right to left):  Cherry-Chocolate Chewy Granola Bars for breakfast, Peach-Bourbon Smash cocktails to go with dinner, and Baked Bakery’s famous Peanut Butter Crispy Bars for our dessert.  Yep.  All quite tasty.  All to be blogged later.  And that bourbon cocktail pretty much kept me from going crazy right before toddler bedtime.

I hope that everyone else had a much more productive and enjoyable Memorial Day.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize our service men and women – thank you all, for your service and all you have done for us and for our country.  I raise a peach-bourbon cocktail to you 🙂


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