Week in Review – 24 May 2011

First I would like to point out: the picture below?  Dad dressed him.  NOT ME.  Cheap sweatpants + old Childrens Place plain white shirt + fugly blue gladiator-style sandals?  Oh lawdy.  Maybe we can just blame it on the fact that my dear husband is color-blind.  Yeah.  That’s it.

Anyway!  The boys had a fun day hanging out together on Friday.  When I got off work the weather was so pretty, so we went for a long walk downtown.  And yeah, Pete was wearing… that.  Woooo boy, but the hipsters were giving us the side-eye with that one.

Saturday we had a playdate with Binya – we were planning to hit the indoor aquatic center, however Binya  just broke his arm (and I mean: broke both bones and had to have surgery to re-set kind of broken), so we headed over and just hung out at Binya’s house instead.  Lots of play-doh and markers and toys and coo-ing at his new baby brother.  And some quality time spent chasing each other around the house while squealing (because well but really, they are toddlers).

After the playdate we went home and took a niiiiiice looooong nap (dude, note to self: schedule more playdates).  Then bubble time later in the afternoon.

I dragged a ton of stuff out of our attic storage, the back of the closets, the totes in the basement: ladies and gentlemen, it is high time I got this junk out of my house and had a yard sale.  This weekend is the date, so if you know anyone in need of baby clothes up to size 12 month, women’s clothes, housewares, all that jazz – send ’em over.  After hearing about the Joplin tornado I thought about sending it all down there, but reports this morning are saying they need less supplies/clothing and more money.  So instead I think we’ll send our earnings that way once this yard sale is done and over with.

Am thinking about adding my wedding dress into the mix (meant to sell that thing right after the wedding, but never quite got around to it).  Pete gave his blessing by doing a Mexican Hat Dance on it.

So other than pulling stuff out of storage, cleaning, folding, pricing, etc. – we headed out to the grocery store.  Got back home and not more than 5 minutes went by before the tornado sirens started to sound.  Joy.  Not like I’m terrified of tornadoes or anything (Nemmie’s Top Five Fears: [1] tornadoes [2] dead birds [3] turbulence on flights [4] cutting a finger off while chopping veggies and [5] accidentally cracking my head open on the counter when bending down to blow-dry my hair).  Thankfully the tornadoes/bad storms all skirted town, heading just north or south of us.  It did mean a long day though, as the last of those storms blew through at midnight.

Sunday it was gorgeous.  It was supposed to be stormy, but it all stayed well south of here.  We played in the yard, we grilled, we goofed around in the baby pool.

In a way it is hard for me to look at this pictures, looking at the time stamps.  We were goofing and laughing and at that same exact time, the town of Joplinwas being ravaged by that tornado. It’s hard when something so devastating happens so close to home.  I have family near there, I have friends there.  When I lived in Pittsburg, Joplin was our playground – the place nearby with decent shopping and good restaurants, where you headed every weekend for dates and girls’ nights; the town with the awesome putt-putt course and the mall and Richardson’s Candy House.  Everyone in Pittsburg shops at that Home Depot, they all go to St. John’s to have their babies.  It’s all gone and people are gone and it’s just so, so awful.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Joplin, MO. If you are thinking about giving, money is needed most at this time.  Just text REDCROSS to 9099 to donate $10.  Easy. Please, help.


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