Week in Review – 15 May 2011

Welp.  Not a lot to talk about this week, so you get lots of pictures of Doot’s trip to the place where the yellow choo-choo lives the Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Yep, The Agricultural Hall of Fame.  We knew they had a little kiddie train and tickets for it were a whopping buck apiece to ride it, so we gave it a shot.  The museum itself was interesting, and they had animals there that day.  Pete loves a good chicken sighting so he was happy to not only find baby chicks on display, but an entire building dedicated to poultry.  Complete with a giant chicken (rooster?) on the lawn in front of that particular building.

We checked out some of the other buildings and the animals but let’s all be honest: once he spotted the little yellow train making laps around the perimeter, he forgot about anything else.  So he rode it.  Twice.

The first time was a magical trip filled with awe and wonder and he was so absolutely out of his mind blissed out, that he only held his dad’s hands in total silence and took in every last beautiful minute of that rickety 2-lap ride around the grounds of the Ag Hall of Fame.

Oh yes my friends, I really actually did run across the grounds of the place like a total freak, wheezing and eyes all bugged out for the last lap, all in an attempt to get sweet shots of their ride from different vantage points.  Motherhood: it’s kinda embarrassing sometimes.

So anyway!  After that wonderful ride we dragged a very mopey toddler to a few more buildings to see some dude pretending to make horseshoes and check out the history of chicken-holding baskets.  He sobbed for his beloved choo-choo.  So we got a few more tickets and I jumped on board with the Doots this time, but apparently that magic experience only applies to the first ride because he spent the bulk of the second ride looking like this, while screaming:

Fun times!  So then we figured it was officially time to blow this joint, and got in the car to head home.  We did check out the park nearby first, which we soon named The Park That Time Forgot.  The entire freaking place is like a time capsule from the 60s.  Old A-frame park shelters, awesome old-school metal slides and stuff.  Holy hell, we are totally going back to this park to spend some quality time on dangerous playground equipment and like I mean, soon.

And that was seriously the highlight of the weekend.  We had plans previously but they fell through; we decided to spend our newfound  free time getting some projects done around the house.  Scott worked on the yard and got a ton of work done.  I cleaned the house and started my painting projects; I finished some trim work in the living room (spots we decided to leave unpainted but that I have hated unpainted, to the point that I got eye twitches every time I looked at that damn trim so a good few coats of paint were appreciated).  I also painted the interior of the hall closet, from dingey beige to a nice clean white.  Yay.  Also stayed up late to edit about a bajillion photos for myself and for Trish and another side project.  So I am officially exhausted.

And that brings you up to date.  Totally enthralling, right?  Here let me leave you with a picture of our son putting a gun to people’s heads.  Nevermind him, he thinks it’s a toy blow dryer.  (No, really, I’m serious.)  (Yeah, no, really; he even makes a humming noise.)



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  1. They have a train?!? Ohmygoodness!

    We always joke about stopping there. Had I realized there was a train we would have done it a long time ago.

  2. Dangerous playground equipment?? YES!! We must go there! But is there a death trap merry-go-round?

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