Piper Reese’s Birth Day

Thursday did not start out too nicely.  Late to work, forgot my coffee.  Redbox was not working, so no movie night for us.  Deadlines, last-minute meeting requests, too many obligations piling up.  Oh, and I forgot to bring a lunch.  All in all a less than stellar day. 

And then Miss Piper was born, and suddenly it didn’t seem like such a crappy day after all.


Let me backtrack – several months ago, my dear friends Trish and Scott asked if I would be willing to shoot the upcoming birth of their daughter.  I immediately said ‘yes’, although I’ll be honest – I’m the chick who has a nervous breakdown when I cut my finger in the kitchen, I’m a bit squeamish around all that medical hospital-y stuff, so perhaps I wasn’t the best candidate as more than likely I’d end up passed out on the floor, probably taking out her IV pole along with me.  Of course, I mentioned none of this to the mommy-to-be.

So months went by and I continued in my normal totally-in-denial way, and then Trish called with an induction date.  Which got changed, three times.  And every time it got changed, I told myself that “meh, she’ll never really actually have that baby, so no worries for me”.  Except that, on a supremely stressful day, she did, indeed, text to say they were on the way to the hospital.  Eep.

But a funny thing – I didn’t pass out, I didn’t get sick, it was actually pretty darn amazing.  Now, anyone that knows me can tell you that I am most certainly not the weepy or emotional type.  So take what I am about to tell you as the honest-to-god, completely un-sugar-coated truth: it was pretty much the coolest thing I have ever been a witness to.  So totally amazing, and now I Get It, I Officially Get It, why people shoot birth photography for a living. 

What follows are the images from the day that Piper Reese was born.  Trish and Scott: please know that I am so grateful to have had the privilege to be there to photograph her birth day.  Lots of love in that room.  And I know two things to be the god-given truth, after spending the day with you: (1) that child will never want for love or affection, and (2) you have one heck of a gorgeous baby girl 🙂

And then the brothers came in, to meet their new baby sister 🙂

These girls are the epitome of sisterhood, together through thick and thin and tackling whatever life throws at them together (while in their house shoes).



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  1. Man, she is one beautiful baby…though I expected nothing less from Trish 🙂 Your images are amazing, Nems…though I expected nothing less from you either!! I think you definitely have a future as a birth photographer!

  2. Perfect photos… I feel like I was there. Well done Nemmie!

  3. Beautiful photos, Nems! For real. 🙂

  4. What an incredible experience! Trish and family look so beautiful!

  5. Those were absolutely amazing. What a beautiful thing to witness!

  6. Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful family!

  7. Piper is just gorgeous. Emily I’m so glad you were able to capture these moments for Trish. These are just stunning!!

  8. I just bawled my eyes out looking at these pics. Truly beautiful in all aspects.

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