The Battle of the Nahn-Dee.


Like countless other families, we still have gobs of candy around the house. Between Easter and the Royal Wedding Party, we were inundated. Usually I am of the mindset to get it out of the house as soon as possible (aka: Nemmie gives herself a stomach ache by consuming copious amounts of candy in a single day), but this time I left some for the kiddo. Big mistake.

Every day, the same scenario played out after getting home from daycare:

Doots runs into the house like a shot, a beeline to the kitchen, standing at the counter right under where his basket o’ candy is kept. “Nahn-dee?” he will ask, expectantly, pointing up up UP like he just got a great idea, “Nack! Nahn-dee Nack!”. Jumping up and down like he’s doing the pee-pee dance.

“No baby, no candy right now” I will tell him.

“Nahn-dee!” he screams, then flails, finally drops to the floor in sad little puddle of toddler, sobbing over and over “no nahn-dee, no nahn-dee.”

Eventually he picks himself off the floor and starts moping. “Nahn-dee, no” he’ll repeat over and over, heavy sighs, mournful, shoulders slumped. This he will do for at least 2 minutes, while standing next to me. Not really talking to me, oh no – he’s not going to beg, but you know – he’s just sayin’.

When that doesn’t work he turns back to excited. “Mommy! Come here! Yook! Nahn-deeeeeeeeee!” he swoons from the kitchen. Yeah, but no. Not falling for it. So commences yet another tantrum. Well so be it. After awhile he calms down and oh-so-charmingly wipes his nose on his sleeves.

And then, finally, just in case I had changed my mind since he last checked, he will again come to me with those big eyes and inquire: “nahn-dee?”.

Yeah with that one I usually give in. Meh, at least I’m not the one eating it. I promise it’s not that I’m caving and spoiling the kid. By making him work for it I’m just teaching perseverance, right?

Right? No? Gawd here have some candy and stop looking at me like that.



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  1. sounds like everyday in my house too.

  2. In the last shot of him it looks like his eyes are saying, “heaven!”

  3. Pretty sure all these holidays are just a way of making ME gain weight. I mean, I can’t let her eat all the candy, but I can’t just throw it away… Glad I’m not the only one whose child pitches a nutty when sugar is denied.

  4. Loved! this post!!!!!

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