Week in Review – 01 May 2011

Can I start out this post by telling you just how hard it is to contort your face in the appropriate way to make fake-frying-bacon noises?  Because really.  It is.

Hello my pets!  Another week, another weekend.  After the Royal Party of the Decade, we headed home and all crashed out and then welcomed a nice, lazy Saturday.  We played in the yard, lots.

We built massive towers out of mega blocks.

Scott brewed the annual Belgian in honor of Pete’s birthday.  We watched from the window.

Saturday I met up with my girlies for Supper Club (and I totally only got lost once.  Er.  It was a long-detoured kind of “lost”, and I have learned that the NAVIGATION FEATURE ON MY PHONE IS TOTALLY WORTH THE EXTRA DATA USAGE).  Anyhoo.  The theme was “childhood” so we brought dishes reminiscent of our youth.  I brought my Muzzy’s awesome ice cream sandwiches (a wee bit melty, after my spontaneous tour of south Olathe) and taco salad.  One girl brought these beauts: Bologna Boats.  Yesssssss.  Totally not as freaky weird as they sound (and probably look).  We chatted it up until the wee hours, on such topics as How Awesomely Unsafe Were Playgrounds When We Were Young.  Good times, my friends.

Sunday was cold, and cloudy.  Blah.  But!  It was also Art in the Park day, so we bundled up (clearly not enough because I swear my fingers are still ice-cold) and headed downtown.  First up: the annual tradition of chalking up the chalkboard Art Tougeau car.  I recall seeing that car for the first time at Art in the Park years ago, like 30 kids had descended upon it and were doodling like mad.  I distinctly remember thinking how I was totally going to bring our future kiddos up to do the same thing some time.  Welp – it’s officially “some time”.  Yay!

Then we hit up the good stuff: the art.  Oh my goodness, so many awesome things.  Some years I go and nothing really catches my eye, it’s frustrating.  This year instead I wished I was a millionaire so I could buy all sorts of things.  Actually now, this evening, I am kinda kicking myself for not snapping some of this stuff up becase HELLO, one of a kind, and perfect for birthday and Christmas gifts…

These sugared nut treats all looked so pretty; every different kind in a differed decorative paper cone.  Pete got samples of the cinnamon pecans and he loooooooved it.

After perusing all the art we made our way to the food trucks; got a funnel cake and fresh limeade.  I had never had a funnel cake before, true story.  Will probably never have one again because wow, but those things are GREASY.  Gave me a stomach ache.  The boys seemed to have no trouble however.

We can’t hit up South Park without hitting the swings and slides.

And that was that – we headed home and spent the rest of the day there, cleaning and doing laundry and trying not to die of funnel-cake poisoning.  Will be logging off shortly, to finish that darn laundry (fun times) and maybe relax before hitting the sack and welcoming another Monday.  Have a nice, relaxing rest of your weekend, my friends.


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