Royal Wedding Watch Party

I have been up now, oh, for about 20 hours now.  I really didn’t plan on doing this photo editing and posting RIGHT FREAKING NOW but then again – we had such a good time, I couldn’t really go to bed until it was done anyway.

About 30 years ago, my Muzzy had an inpromptu Royal Wedding Watch party for Prince Charles and Di’s nuptials, consisting of my sisters and lots of coffee and treats.  I was what, 4 years old at the time?  Beah and I pretty much hunkered down under the kitchen table is how the story goes.  Anyway.  As soon as Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, we have been planning  a redo of the Wedding Watch Party.  And so that is why I found myself heading down to my parents’ house last night after work, and sleeping waaaaaay less than I would have liked (all in the name of witnessing royal family wedded bliss).

Anyway.  I came well equipped.  Including my official Royal Wedding Countdown app.

My sisters and our kids all converged on my parents’ house the night before, considering we all planned on meeting in the den at 3:30am it seemed best to have one giant sleepover.  It was a late night of chatting followed by a verrrrrry morning, I won’t lie, but we were still in good spirits at that insanely early hour.  Our first order of business: get our wedding chapeaux decorated in time for the start of the service.

We also had Royal Wedding Bingo cards.  They made for a nice photo op but not much more – we were awake but not that awake; none of us remembered to keep track of the commentary that closely.

This was the moment we finally got that much anticipated look at The Dress.  Kate didn’t disappoint – classic with modern touches, we all oooooohed and aaaaaaahed with the best of them.  And Pippa’s dress was a stunner too, by the way.

Tea and coffee flowed like champagne, to keep us awake through the long service and procession.  Muzzy even busted out her official Princess Diana china tea cup for the occasion.

It’s not a proper British shin-dig without the fancy hats, right?   Here are our finished products…

After the long service and finally that kiss (or two) on the balcony, the partiers either went down for a quick nap or partied even harder.  Spoiler: it was pretty much just the wee kiddos who partied harder.

After all that, it was time for Phase Two of our party.  That is: lots of goodies, and Kate and Will tea bags.  Because it’s not a party until you brew the official Royal Couple tea.

Beah went all out, and ordered not only a nice (wedding) cake from a bakery but also monogrammed cookies.  We went a little casual with the cookies, going by Wills and Kate instead of their full names 🙂

Sugar.  High.

Almost forgot to include a photo of our party favors: British guard chapsticks.

Next we busted out the Pretty Pretty Princess Pinata.  We took the liberty of pasting Kate’s head over all the princesses, with her own personal Prince Charming looking down over all her beauty.

Beah stuffed some special treats in there just for the Tinnie pants.  This is how she reacted once finding them having fallen to the floor.  We were all a bit slap-happy at this point…

Afterwards us cultured ladies gathered in the kitchen to watch all the highlights on TV.

Then Tinnie did her best princess impression.  And for the record: this is my dear Tinnie with no makeup.  On about 2 hours of sleep.  YEAH I HATE HER TOO.

And there you go.  We all hugged and went our separate ways (only after dancing along to this video approximately a dozen times), only to meet again later on Facebook – where we changed our Facebook profile photos to those of Royal wedding attendees and pretended we were all Said People on each other’s Facebook pages. 

Yeah we are in desperate need of sleep.  Will post again in a few days, once I get caught up.

PS – um, no, really – please watch.  A hundred times (like we all have).  Doots loves to dance along, like he really loses his mind when Harry hits the screen.  And who can blame him, really.



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  1. OMG, this is awesome!! It looks like you all had a “royal” time! 🙂 The pinata did it for me! You gals are just too creative and fun! Hope you can catch up on your sleep this weekend!

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