Week in Review – Easter 2011


Happy Easter, all!  We had a busy weekend in Pittsburg, celebrating with my side of our family. It was a rainy, chilly day, and I barely busted out the camera (as usual; why oh why do I always forget about it when we visit family?) but still, as always – it was a busy, loud, super-fun holiday that went by way too fast.

A few special things to note:

Last year, I spent a semi-embarrassing-to-admit-aloud amount of time scouring the Internet in search of the perfect little Easter outfit for my baby, settling on a sweet baby-blue Jon-Jon with white socks and black patent leather shoes.  This year, I kinda sorta blew off the whole outfit thing and suddenly it was Good Friday and oooooooh gawd, I totally forgot about the Easter outfit.  Oopsies.  We went through the old wardrobe and were able to pull together something passable.  So I’m sorry, my little dear.  I promise to never slack on your holiday outfit again, pinky swear. 

Also I never got an actual picture TODAY, the day that he actually wore the outfit for the holiday, which was kind of a bummer because the humidity made his hair into a mess of unruly, totally adorable curls.  C’est la vie.  You’ll have to settle on a picture of his flat-ish, not very curly hair from when we were trying on outfits.  At least he’s wearing pants in this one, right?

When Beah got there with the kiddos she made a beeline for the Doots, who was hanging out on the couch with his dad.  She reached down without really looking, grabbed Pete’s toes and tickled-tickled-tickled while she chatted him up.  Kept on a-tickling until Scott discreetly informed her that, er – that’s actually my foot you’re tickling, not Pete’s…  HA!  That sort of thing only happens to my poor dear Beah.  She enjoyed re-enacting it later that day, too.


Doots had a grand old time, chasing Momo around (forever his favorite, that cat) and goofing with the cousins. 

Tinnie modeled Pete’s pilot hat.  We hung her scarf on a hook in the kitchen to give it that “blowing in the air” dramatic flare.  It worked, yeah?  No?  Okay then.   

Jeannie and Tinnie also had an impromptu dance party when ABBA came on the radio.

And finally: Doots + Tinnie = True Love Forevah.  They played, watched innumerable choo-choo videos on her phone while cuddling on the couch, terrorized the cat together, and watched the other outside kitties from the window.  And he is still talking about her.  So I think it’s safe to say they are now officially Chums.

Aaaaand that about sums things up 🙂   Hope that everyone had a lovely and safe weekend!  Will be posting again very soon.



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  1. Can I ask…. why don’t you get Doots a cat of his own for his 2nd birthday? I think that would be a great present! 🙂

    • I know, I know. We’ve talked about it, but we are also kinda like “hmm another responsibility, maybe not right at the moment…”. So he’ll have to make do with a train table for his birthday instead. Maybe a kitty friend next year, when he finally understands that most cats will take his eye if he molests them the way he does poor Momo 😛

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