Good Friday

Good Friday.  I had some weird dreams where wicked storms, hail, and tornadoes suddenly and randomly would pop in.  Nice and unsettling (and WEIRD), right?  While watching news this morning the newscasters were talking about the strong thunderstorms that blew in overnight, which explains the odd dreams.

The gloomy, overcast (slightly misty) weather continued all morning and most of the afternoon, but we still had a good (Fri)day.  Dyed eggs for the Easter holiday, played, cleaned, had our own Easter…  We had a busy day, to say the least.

Oh, yeah: and please forgive the sheer number of photos, I planned to get them all into collages but that didn’t quite happen.

First off: the time honored Christian tradition of decorating eggs.  Oh: like that muddy-colored one?  It was the lone free-range-farmers-market egg I gave a shot; first I tried to dye it pink, but the pink didn’t take, so I went with blue, but then it was an unsettling shade of grey, so I tried pink again.  Er, yeah.  Now it just looks like a rock.  I fail at organic egg dyeing.

Once they had been dyed and dried, it was time for the real fun to start.  We decided to make monster eggs this year.

Unfortunately: my muddy-colored monster did not make it.  I dropped it while trying to take photos.  Er… twice.  A true sign that the thing was officially Not Meant To Be, if there ever was one.

I also tried random bits of clothing on the Doots.  Easter kinda surprised me, in an oops-I-still-didn’t-buy-my-kid-an-Easter-outfit kinda way.  Nothing in the stores was really catching my eye, so I sorta forgot to get anything…. Yeah.  I don’t just Fail at organic-egg-dyeing, apparently.  Anyhoo, Peter was super awesome about playing Supemodel but when I sent him off to the kitchen to get his dad’s opinion on an outfit, he decided that pants were optional.  And also that it was time for an impromptu dance party.  Gotta love toddlers.

The dreary weather wasn’t going to ruin our Easter egg hunt.  During Peter’s nap I crept into his room and hid plastic eggs filled with candy all around.  The Easter bunny also left him a basket in the dining room, hidden under the breakfast-nook stools.  I totally didn’t even wake him up while lurking around his room.  Nemmie, FTW!

The Easter bunny got Pete a good little stash: chocolate bunny, a new sippy cup, sidewalk chalk, a coloring book/new crayons, a stuffed animal bunny, a new choo-choo, and a new toothbrush (he needs a new one at daycare anyway).  SHOCKINGLY: the choo-choo was the favorite and all else was completely forgotten when he saw it. 

Well, maybe not the candy.

OH: funny little aside: after the egg hunt he was so overwhelmed that he totally could not see his Easter basket sitting there basically right in front of his face.  I brought him into the room and pointed and he still stood there, blindly staring at me (back to the basket).  I literally had to place him right in front of it. Well: there’s always next year, yeah?


Late in the afternoon, the sky cleared and it was GORGEOUS – Scott was cleaning the car so after getting dinner started we headed outside too.  It was still super-soggy out, meaning all the outside toys were in no shape for playing.  Blah. No matter, Pete is a whiz at blowing bubbles these days (no, really, he’s good at it and totally doesn’t drink the solution anymore) so we still had a good time.

 Then Pete deciced it was time for a run.  Or two.  Or three.  Pete’s new obsession is running; maybe it’s due to being cooped up in a leg cast for a month, but at any rate he’s got it bad.  “I RUN MOMMY!” is a common shriek heard around our neighborhood.  And run he did.  Up and down the block, many times.  We get our workout with this kid, for sure.

 We had a late dinner – tuna, lemon, and capers marinara with rotini – yum nums.  Peter pigged out, drank two glasses of milk, then declared that he was now ready for books in his bedroom, please. 

So: yep, it was a full day.  And a full weekend ahead, too – happy Easter weekend, all!  Will see you again on Sunday 🙂


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