Week in Review – 17 April 2011

This week, we…

Took Doots to his final Orthopedic surgeon’s appointment.  Everything looks perfect, he may still limp for several months but otherwise – good as new.  Wahoo!  To celebrate we headed to Juice Stop for some smoothies.  Peter is a Juice Stop junkie (or “BOOOO-jah” junkie, and I love it when he talks about getting some “BOOOO-jah” because he totally sounds like Jabba the Hutt when he says it) – anyhoo so despite the cold rainy weather we had a nice little Friday afternoon.

Did I mention that we also ducked into Love Garden on the way back to the car?  Not only a rad place to warm up but also FULL OF KITTEHS.  Peter was in heaven.

Doots does not exactly look his best in the pictures below (actually, now that I think about it: very Jabba-the-Hutt like), but I had to include them because KITTY KISSED HIM AND HE ALMOST PASSED OUT FROM ALL THAT AWESOME. 

Saturday there was an Earth Day celebration downtown, we celebrated Mother Earth by burning gas circling several blocks to finally find some parking and join in the fun.  But Peter hugged a tree, so I’m sure that evened out our karma.

Lots of fun things to see, including a Chinese dragon made out of plastic bags.

Okay: I don’t get the pedal-hopper.  If I’m enjoying a few beverages, I don’t want to do the driving.  To each their own I guess. 

The day started out chilly but wasn’t too bad after the parade, so we stayed downtown to enjoy the park and grab some lunch.  Peter finally conquered the super-tall swirly slide at the park.  He’s gone down it before, but always with one of us coaxing him or setting him on our lap for the ride.  This time he was determined to climb the stairs, walk the long walkway, and pull himself up the last platform himself to go down that slide himself.  And then approximately 17 times more after that.

 Sunday was low key – lots of yardwork, lots of playing, lots of baking (2 batches of pizza dough for the deep freezer and mixed-berry breakfast bars for Scott’s breakfasts, yum num nums). 

 Didn’t get a lot of deep-cleaning done but I did get lots of things sorted/stored and got Pete’s summer outdoor toys all cleaned up and out, so I consider it a well spent Sunday.  And soon I need to split – Sunday evenings are Our Time, Peter gets a simple dinner (leftovers or breakfast-for-dinner or sandwich) and is whisked off to bed, then we enjoy a nice adults-only meal  – tonight it is this recipe and oh my, but I am ready for a nice bowl of that pasta with a glass of wine, some Scott time, and the latest episode of The Killing.  Not a bad way to close out the weekend, my friends.

Later dudes.


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