To Market

The official opening day for our city Farmer’s Market was last week Saturday. While it’s not exactly “season” for much of anything around here, the vendors were out in force. So what if fruits and veggies are scarce, they came armed with plants and herbs and flowers. Homespun Hill’s lamb roasts seemed to be selling at a decent pace (get those suckers for your Easter table!), and the ever-popular mushroom vendor came fully stocked – awesomely cheap prices, and their oyster mushrooms are tender and sooooo yummy be still my heart. All the artisan vendors were all there too, hawking their baked goods and jams/honey and fresh cheese. Oh my gosh, but I forgot how much I missed our Farmer’s Market.

Everybody and their dog (no really, lots and lots of dogs) were there, snapping up fresh eggs and hot breakfast tamales. Even if we don’t buy much, it’s great to just pop in and check out the sights. Peter had a blast, waving at doggies and busting out into spontaneous dance moves (that’s when you know he’s really excited, folks). We were great about going frequently when he was a wee baby, not quite so much last year (I mean really though, lazy Saturday mornings in bed can be just as lovely as farmer’s market trips). Perhaps we get back into the regular habit this year. Every other weekend doesn’t sound so bad, we still get our sleep that way…



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  1. I seriously love your pictures. I think a lot of it, too, has to do with how you present them. Cool collages of living in Lawrence. 🙂

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