Sunshine + Clothesline

Our dryer went on the fritz, mid-laundry day. Which would usually strike fear in my modern-appliance-loving heart, however – I have had a length of clothesline cord and clothes pins on hand for over a year now, waiting to be put up (we just hadn’t found the right ‘spot’ in the yard as of yet). So out we went; I strung the line between our privacy fence and the deck; not the best placement ever but it would work in a pinch.

A weather front came through the night before, it didn’t produce much moisture (I don’t even think it technically rained) but at any rate everything smells so fresh outside… perfect for hanging laundry. And the sun! So sunny yesterday afternoon/evening. So I got the laundry out, Scott mowed the lawn, Peter flitted between his swingset and the two of us – alternating ‘helping’ to push the mower and hanging clothes. Complete with his own line of clothespins on his shirt.

I should probably take down that inappropriately-placed line now that the dryer is fixed again, but I just might keep it up. Will come in handy for wet towels and swimwear and for drying sheets this summer.



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  1. We had a clothes line growing up and I miss it so much. Beautiful pictures!

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