Week in Review – 10 April 2011

This week…

We had several gorgeous, GORGEOUS days.  Sunny, high 60s, very little humidity.  Me likey.  We did a lot of running around in said gorgeous weather – trips up to campus to play, visits to the park, walks around the block, swinging in the yard, exploring downtown (from which the photo below came to fruition).  Yup.  We fully enjoyed it. 

Speaking of the yard, we had trees taken down in the back yard – whooooooooa, nelly.  It is bare back there now!  Good shade is gone but frankly, they were trees that weren’t doing to hot.  And as a positive: now our and our neighbor’s container gardens will get better sun.   In home renovation news: we also had our basement/under the house re-insulated.  Yesssss.  Hello, warmer floors in the winter.  So there are a few home renovations, officially knocked out.  Maybe some cement work in the front yard is due up next.

 Here’s a park picture.  See that hair?  The curls are back in full swing.  And the fact that he still needs a haircut badly was apparent.  I took him to our usual salon, but I think he was having flashbacks to getting his cast off (I’d imagine anyway, since usually the lollipop-in-hand thing is enough to get him to sit nicely).  He screamed and clung to me and pushed poor Ryan away and ooof, but it was ugly.  So we left, and ended up taking him to Shear Madness this weekend.

Yep, Shear Madness.  One thing I have learned to accept in parenthood is that I will eat crow.  A LOT.  I thought those keep-kiddies-busy salons were stupid, just a way to sucker parents into paying more money to have their kids sit in cutesy seats with all the sugary candy and DVDs and video games a spoiled brat could ever ask for.  Wrong.  WRONG.  We went there and Peter freaked with the cape, but when the stylist was cool with just taking off his shirt and talked to him calmly and soothingly, and had the intuition to keep him from seeing any of the tools so as not to scare him – I ate my words.  He was excited to ‘drive’ that car, content with a lollipop and sang along with the Dora DVD.  If it means he is still and not petrified through his haircut then my friends – it is worth every penny.  And frankly isn’t much more than our salon, so I think we’ve found a new spot for the time being.

The weekend was busy in general – Saturday we hit rummage sales, went to the season-opener of the Farmer’s Market (more on that later), celebrated Jayson’s 2nd birthday, did the haircut thing, and I started work on cupcakes.  Oooooooh, the cupcakes.  I offered to make cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday, he’s a total hipster (and would probably just DIE knowing I said that, in true hipster fashion) so I went all hipster with my cupcakes (Baked style).  I had big plans, and then had Big Issues.  Burnt caramel (twice; third time’s a charm, yeah?), mis-measurements which meant starting over, ran out of sugar, ran out of butter, then took a huge chunk out of a finger while trying to get the last bit of the Good Baking Chocolate out of the container and yeah.  Okay.  I’m then making the rest mainly with my left hand and low on baking chocolate (because who wants to eat cupcakes knowing there’s lots of blood and a half-inch hunk of flesh in there?  No one, that’s who).  And anyway.  They are done, those crazy multi-step-Daring-Bakers-style cupcakes, and will be blogged another day.  Hope you like them, Joel, because I MIGHT POSSIBLY LOSE THE TOP PORTION OF A FINGER OVER THEM.  Gah. 


Anyway.  We also spent some quality time in the yard this weekend (bought a forsythia!  YEAH!).  You will be shocked to know that Peter blew bubbles.  I KNOW WHO KNEW RIGHT.  On a side note: I planned to make our own homemade bubble solution, as the store-bought stuff is terrible.  Found a bunch of recipes.  Went to several pharmacies in search of glycerine and got lots of sympathetic looks from pharmacists when asking for it.  Discreetly pointed towards the suppositories.  HEE!  For the record, every place so far is sold out.  I have never known much about glycerine before this and now I am a little embarrassed to continue my search. 

How about a random image of that sweet faced boy, yes?  Okay then. 

Met up with Muzzy, dad, and Tinnie in KC on Sunday.  Our main goal was to see the Princess Di exhibit at Union Station – it was AWESOME OMG.  Everyone in the area must go!  It was a little more sad than I expected, she really was a remarkable person.  With awesome fashion sense (except for that blue with pink-polka-dots number, that will haunt her forever).  They had this great video montage of her during childhood, there is an unfortunate dancing number at the end of which shows the future princess totally doing an early 70s version of the booty dance.  Always the trend setter, that Di!

I love the light at Union Station, by the way.  Just perfect.  Stopped for approximately 30 seconds to take some shots and all are keepers.  No wonder they charge photogs to take pictures there.

Pretty much all for the week.  I am planning to change the style of this blog – while I love my weekly Sunday down time of editing and updating the blog, I tend to forget some things I really want to blog about.  I cram everything into one post, tons of words and photos and then I forget things I’ve thought of or photographed earlier in the week, it just happens, and it’s not really what I want from this thing.  So maybe more daily blogging, not much of a purpose other than to showcase an image or tell a random tale, and hopefully less bulky end-of-the-week posts.  I hope.  In the meantime: have a fantastic week my darlings.  I leave you with an image perfectly summing up our week: pretty flowers in bloom, a cool drink on the deck with my feet up (watching the guys play in the yard).  Life is good.



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  1. Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

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  2. your sister is pretty, even with her goofy smile 🙂 and your cupcakes look delish.

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