Week in Review – 03 April 2011

This week, we…

Finished up our Five Day Dinner Challenge – courtesy of the Happy Family Movement; that livened things up for dinner nicely (especially given the fact that Scott was working late all week, meaning dinner would not quite be the same in Casa de Mueller). Peter particularly liked the “dessert before dinner” night.  Er, except I have not kept any sweets in the house (thanks to my Lenten promises) so I had to improvise.  Clementine segments, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips still count as a passable dessert, right?

Had fun-filled evenings – Hit up a Farewell Party one night and other fun things, but no pictures of any of that.  No worries.  Friday was lovely, in the high 60s and sunny (oh sun, but we missed you so).  We hit up the park after work, and I played with my new phone’s camera.  I wasn’t expecting much but it’s not too shabby, I gotta say.

Blew a lot of bubbles – Saturday was a gorgeous day.  Sunny, windy yes but also warm, so we took full advantage and spent some quality time outside.  Blew a lotta bubbles, too – Scott is a pro, what can I say.

Knocked out some DIY – I have big plans for finally having a front porch that isn’t so… blah and boring.  The weather was too good to pass up so I ran to Home Depot and got to work, painting some old faded flower pots and a chair I got for a buck at a yard sale last year (the nice elderly lady selling it told me her mother gave it to her when she was a little girl, but – it has its fair share of battle scars as well as a coat of gold-sparkly varnish).  I am thinking a nice key-lime color to brighten up the porch…

Took a few spins in the coupe – finally warm days to have fun outside!  Actually on that note: I have been doubling some meals here and there, and making an extra pot of this or that on the weekends in order to get some meals in the deep freeze.  Last year I didn’t take Pete out a lot after daycare/work because we needed to get dinner going; this year I have already decided that I’d rather spend that time at the pool or outside with Doots.  So I’m trying to get a good amount of extra meals in the freezer to help us out this summer.

Baked homemade Pop Tarts – I made these, using some frozen pie dough from the freezer.  The cow shapes are PB&Js, the pink flowers are strawberry and cream.  I planned on popping some in the freezer for a quick (healthier) breakfast option for Scott/Doots, but they are disappearing fast.  I can’t try them myself but judging from the few that are left, the recipe is a keeper.

Blew more bubbles – Sunday I met some girlfriends for a long, much-needed gabfest lunch at La Bodega, did some shopping, then spent more time outside with the guys.  It was hot (not warm, but hot; like ninety-degrees-a-new-record-temperature kind of hot), but we figured we should enjoy it while we can.  Just to give you an idea of the week: Monday there was snow, then rain and 40-50-degree temps Tuesday to Thursday, finally some sun and warmer on Friday, up to the 90s on Sunday and… a high of 50 degrees forecast for tomorrow, and rainy again (severe thunderstorms rolling through town as I type this).  So it’s fair to say that the Classic Kansas Spring Yo-Yo has begun. 

Bring it on, weather.  We are ready, and well stocked on bubble solution.



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  1. Homemade pop-tarts!? MUST TRY!

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