Week in Review – 27 March 2011

 Yup – it’s off.

Not without a fight – for the past week I’ve asked the Doots several times if he was ready to get off “the boot”.  His answer was usually a happy little chirp of “nope, not yet!”.  His favorite answer when stalling (like for bedtime, bathtime, diaper changes, etc.), so – I knew it would not be pretty.  Instead, it was a little worse than I was hoping for, the photo below was Pete at his best. When we got to the hallway at the orthopedic surgeons office he realized where we were and tried to convince us to “run away”.  Honest to god he said that, while frantically yanking us to go down a different hallway.  When it came time to get the cast off we tried to distract him but he was having none of it, the poor baby was terrified, sobbing and clinging and choking out an “owwie mommy” every few minutes.  Or maybe every 10 seconds and it only felt like 20 minutes of sawing…  He had wrapped his little hands around my arm and dug into his right hand so hard that he left about an inch-long bruise and a nice cut, with his own fingernails.  Ouchie is right.  Anyway, it’s off and once it was all over he was in a much better mood, thank you very much. 

We celebrated the end of the cast the best way we knew how – visited the train table at the Toy Store and had some ice cream at Sylas and Maddy’s.  Or at least the guys had ice cream, I watched them eat it.  And weirdly enough it didn’t bother me like I thought it would.  I guess give me a few more weeks until I’m desperate 😉 

The other bit of news to note this week – the Hawks finally gave it up and lost after making it to the Elite Eight.  Well – better than last year, and hopefully those phenom twins stick around another year because of it.  Rock Chalk!  We are still so very proud of our team this year 🙂 

We also joined up for the Five Day Dinner Challenge courtesy of The Happy Family Movement – check it out, cool stuff.  Below is one of our challenges, make a smiley out of your dinner.  We did ours in our own Mueller fashion. (Okay fine – it’s a robot, yeah I get it, my food artistry leaves a bit to be desired.) 

In other news – we have been hit with spring (cleaning) fever.  I have decided to make a goal of deep-cleaning at least one room every Sunday, starting this week.  First up – the master bedroom.  I scrubbed and Windex-ed and polished and did the whole nine yards, to every square inch.  Even washed the drapes.  Doots was a little miffed when I kept shooing him away to OMG CHILD JUST GO PLAY CHOO-CHOO OR SOMETHING.  The boy is not one to miss a good cleaning.  So it’s no surprise that about 5 minutes later I came out of the room to get more paper towels and found him with his spray bottle of water in one hand and approximately half of a roll of toilet paper in the other, lovingly cleaning the ottoman.

Anyhoo, on top of the deep cleaning we’re getting a bunch of stuff done around the house (Scott has contracted people to remove trees on the property and to re-insulate the crawl spaces under the house).  And I have started lists of things to do around the house – we have goals to focus on the front yard this year, and I have big plans for the master bedroom and stairs to our upstairs area.  Now to actually get to work…

I also bought a new phone this weekend, my other was on its last legs (no, really – I could talk about 90 seconds on the phone after a full charge, then it would die).  And it’s an honest-to-goodness Smart Phone.  I’ve downloaded a ton of apps (much to Pete’s delight: doodles and a piano and a GUITAR, which he loves to strum and sing and dance like a maniac).  Scott too has much enjoyed the new phone, discovering a deep love for Angry Birds.  A deep, hours-long, obsessive love.  As in – I have promised to call several people once I got a new phone, and have yet to honor those promises.  Because Scott is having trouble beating Level 8-11 (dumb piggies).

And that’s about it for our week, my loves.  Last week I left you with 80-degree temps and humidity; this week – snow, and on multiple days.  Go figure.  Here’s hoping that next week is warmer. We’re all ready for some quality outdoors time.



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  1. So happy for doots! I’m glad he finally got the boot off. I bet that saw was scary. I hope the leg gets its strength back soon… lots of swimming should do the trick in no time!

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