Week in Review – 20 March 2011

We’re starting out the week with a shot of the cast, because my friends – that thing comes off in a week.  YES!  Everything we try to do is ten times more difficult these days, and he finally got the hang of running (RUNNING) in the darn thing.  And don’t even get me started on bath time hell, where he thrashes and sobs and screams and let’s just say it is anything but pleasant.  Anyway.  Even given all that: I’m trying to get as many photos of Pete in the cast as I can, because soon enough if will just be a faint memory.

And yeah, he’s totally climbing the coffee table in that picture.  Boys, they have no fear.

This week was busy.  We attended a Naming Ceremony for baby Dov, which was great, until Peter spotted the treats table about halfway through the ceremony.  So we were the awesome parents with the kid loudly pointing out the Grapes!  Grapes!  Yook, Grapes!    EEEEEEEAT, mommy!  Eat-Eat-EEEEEEEEEAT!”.  Yeah.  That was us.  Sorry, normal people who didn’t get to hear the 2nd half. 

Also we had St. Patty’s day!  I waffled on whether or not to take off work and take Peter to the parade (it’s no Kansas City Parade but it’s passable, with lots of floats and bagpipes and stuff).  The weather was gorgeous so that was the deciding factor. Peter had a shake and fries (I had a Diet Coke, yay), we chilled in the car until the parade started… and Peter yelled at all the beautiful young ladies in the SUV parked next to us.  That’s not awkward or anything.  I have zero photos of the actual parade, because I was chasing around a be-casted toddler all by my lonesome and felt it was best to leave the camera in the car – thankfully he stayed pretty still throughout, although he did try to nonchalantly hobble his way into the parade to follow a group of green “yee-haws”, and thanks to whomever taught him to say “yee haw” for horse because it never fails to crack me up when he says it. 

We watched the entire parade, accumulated a decent pile of candy, got a shout-out from the mayor when his car came by, and were serenaded by a float-full of Justin Biebers.  All in all it was a fun afternoon and I was glad I took a long lunch to give it a shot.

We also took Peter outside for some bubble time one evening (low 70s!  Sun!), and he was quite the expressive guy.  Actually, he is most of the time these days – it’s all goof-ball in an effort to get attention.

Then we stepped out for some sidewalk chalk time.  Usually we’re not too big on letting him walk on the cast outside, but meh.  It’s off in a week, so we let him go at it.  Also let me direct your attention to the lovely evergreen-ish tree on our property that I decided to take a picture of while we were out (on the left, below) – actually it’s a bit of a nuisance and is sick, and will probably be cut down this year – I wanted to get a shot when she was still looking somewhat pretty. 

And that was pretty much it on the picture-taking for the week.  Grandma and Grandpa Mueller came up for a visit, we did a lot but I didn’t get even one picture.  I suck.  See it was dark, and Saturday was rainy, so not much light to work with so I didn’t even think of the camera while at home.  Then we headed to KC to do some shopping – and I didn’t grab the camera because I didn’t want to lug it around because the sucker is just plain unnecessary weight sometimes.  And then we got a nice big cart at Cabela’s, and I felt like a moron because it’s not like I’d have my bag on my back the whole day…  So anyway: we visited, and did some shopping, and had a great dinner at The YardHouse Saturday, and I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT THE CAMERA DARN IT. Gah.  So no fun pictures from our adventures 😦 

So I made sure to shoot off a few pictures on Sunday.  We mostly did housework, and Scott worked in the yard. And yeah, Pete’s pant-less below.  It got into the 80s today, THE EIGHTIES.  Gawd, all I want is some 70s and am paranoid this is going to be a repeat of last year’s oppressively-hot summer instead.  Blah.  Anyhoo: usually 80s are a pain but not a deal-breaker except, except… Pete’s in a cast.  You aren’t supposed to let it get wet and sweating is bad too (moisture trapped against skin with no breathable layers = Hello, Skin Rot Grossness).  Anyway.  I didn’t want to push it so he stayed indoors in the nice cool house, pant-less because he was still a wee bit sweaty.  So there you go.

We beefed up the figure-8 train track by pulling out the car track I bought for him last summer – that kept him busy pretty much all day on Sunday.  I know I say this a lot but man, that child is addicted to trains.  Saturday night (Sunday morning?) Peter woke up crying, I went up and rocked him back to sleep.  Soon his breathing evened out, he was curled up into my chest and was getting that hallmark toddler-clamminess to his skin; definitely asleep.  Before I could put him back in his crib I heard him start to mutter in his sleep, barely audible: “choo-choo.  train.  choo-choo. train. choo-choo …”.  Not even kidding, he’s got it baaaaaad.

Scott gets a round of applause for the weekend – he worked in the yard like a mad man, got all the acorns raked up (my goodness, but the acorns: note to future homebuyers, beware the house with the oak tree(s), it’s not worth it I swear).  Got the garden and yard in general ready for spring.  AND: he dug up and axed out the big stump in the backyard (fi you recall, Scott cut down this big huge… thing… a summer ago).  It took several hours of ax-work/digging on Sunday to get that gigantic sucker out.  Poor guy; he’s gonna feel that in the morning.

Oh, and I would be remiss to not mention the tournament – it’s March!  It’s crazy this year!  Tons of great games, and so far (KNOCK ON WOOD) KU is doing just fine.  Let’s all hope they keep it up.

Have a great week, all!  Next update we should be cast-less, and it should be divine 🙂



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  1. I will just say that Madi spent JUNE in her 6 weeks of body cast. And then she spent 45 minutes soaking/playing in the tub when we got home from removing it. And it took another 1 to 2 weeks to get her regualr supple skin back. But hey, we took a load of pictures and she now has a 6×8 album of JUST THAT. **Secert mommy FYI– bring a good headset and favorite music to the dr on removal day. If the kid can’t “HEAR” the cutting saw thingy, he wont scream. This is what I did with Madi- the doctors office was AMAZED- needless to say, they carry headphones and kiddo music at the office now. 🙂 Hey, sometimes it just takes a mommys brain!!
    We miss you guys!! Cody’s big bash is coming up, and that means I am working on the planning- so watch for an invite for a May Graudation bash!
    And if you wanted a reminder…. 34 days left in lent. 🙂

    • Good idea, I’ll bring the headphones but with my own mommy brain I gotta admit – my kid’s not gonna fall for that one, he’ll rip it off and scream anyway. So I’m bringing ear plugs as well 😉

      Yay for graduation! We’ll look for that invite 🙂 Have a great week!

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