Week in Review – 06 March 2011

Hiya! So: we are officially into March, which is slightly mind-boggling.  It’s almost spring.  Huh.  Not like I’m complaining though, we are totally ready for less snow and instead… well, crazy-tornado-ish spring weather, I guess.  But anyway!  Less snow is good!

We did have some weird weather, cold then warm, tons of rain.  Some thunderstorms.  All in all kind of a bummer, the warm(ish) days were still a bit too soggy for a baby in a leg cast.  Never fear: we have a nice dry front porch.  And lovely friends who send surprise care packages full of sorts of fun things:  bubbles, chattering teeth, snakes and whoopie cushions and dress-up stuff.  Most of which was a total hit, until he tried on a moustache and realized it was STICKYYYYY GROSS EW and he couldn’t eastily pull it off.  And then the party was over.  But Adriane: the box was still a real hit and we thank you so much for the cheer it brings us on the soggy days 🙂

All was right with the world again once the ‘stache was removed.  I hit my focus on his hair but liked this shot anyway, so you get to see it.

We had a return visit to the orthopedic surgeon’s office this week.  Peter was excited to see his chum in the entrance.  As a weird side note: he has stopped calling jayhawks “jayhawks”, and instead refers to them as “KUs”.  The Rock Chalk chant seems to be throwing him off a bit.

Anyhoo, the visit was just to check on progress; the leg is healing nicely so we get the cast off at the end of the month.  Hurray!  We celebrated the good news by hitting the library for new books and stopping at Sylas and Maddy’s for a cup of Cookie Monster.

Our weekend was pretty low key.  We played, we ran errands and cleaned, we baked cookies (magic surprise cookies!  Recipe to be blogged soon).

We also met up with Muzzy, Grandpa Pete-o, and Tinnie & Rick on Sunday.  We hit up the Auto Show in KC, where Peter insisted on taking Tinnie for a spin.  Clearly she enjoyed the ride.

 We had a nice day, at the end of which Muzzy and Grandpa surprised Peter with a get-well gift – a train set.  TRAIN SET.  He clutched the box to his chest on the entire drive back to Larryville.  He talked about it all the way home.  He shrieked when we HAD THE GALL to wrestle it away from him when we got home (so we could open it and start assembling it).  Our coffee table is now a train table.  He spent the entire evening playing with the darn thing.  When he got too sore/tired to play any longer, he crawled into my lap, the train cradled in his arms.  I’m shocked he went to sleep without it.  I would say: officially a train addict.  I’ve been researching train tables tonight because yeah, I think it’s safe to say that’s what we’re getting him for his birthday.

So that’s it.  A boring week, yeah.  But it’s a week where we got into a groove of broken-leg-living, and caught up on obligations and I oh yeah, I also squeezed in a bout of stomach flu, so let’s just call it “deceptively boring” and leave it at that. 

Have a lovely next week, all!



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  1. sorry he didn’t dig the ‘staches. hope you all are hanging in there!!!!

  2. The moustache pic is definitely in my top 5 Doots pics!

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