Week in Review – 27 Feb 2011

I am supposed to update today.  But: I’m tired.  Watching the Oscars.  Eating stinky cheese and having a sour beer.  So: this will be quick.  You guys got plenty o’ updates this week already, right?

So we saw off Paulo.  Peter hugged his kitties.  A lot.  Paul was polite about it.  We miss him and his kitties already, yeah.

Tuesday I had a book club meeting, I helped to host and helped to pick the title – Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.  Lovely book!  I thought Hemingway was a hack, to be honest (I only read his short stories before this) but now I rather like his work.  Tin Drum is our next title and I need to really get cracking.  Peter and I will be hitting up the library tomorrow…

Anne sent us a package!  It arrived the day we had Peter’s leg cast, and there was a kitty in it.  A ginger kitty.  Needless to say: he immediately took to it, it is currently the only stuffed animal allowed to leave the crib and it goes with him everywhere and not only that, but he has told me multiple times that his other cat is now “mommy’s dee-dee”.  Sob!  So anyway at this point in time: new soft pretty kitty is officially The Only One in his eyes.

 On Saturday we went to Asher’s birthday party.   It was batman-themed, he is a bit of a fiend.  If you can’t tell by the shirt and his cake…

 Peter had fun with the kiddos, especially when the party moved to the train table.  I think we will be buying a train table.  We had to pry him off of it to leave, kicking and screaming.  Yeesh.

 The rest of the weekend was pretty boring, news-wise.  We cleaned, Scott bottled 2 batches of beer, we ran errands and I finally tackled a giant project: sorting and folding and packing all of Peter’s baby clothes.  When he was tiny I was really good about folding and carefully packing things away, but at about a year (when I started packing the 6-month stuff) I was officially Over It and started just jamming things in boxes and then pushing them into the attic.  This weekend I sorted approximately 7 tubs of clothes into sizes, then nicely folded and packed them away.  And let me just say: I feel like a load is off my shoulders.  Now time to tackle deep-cleaning the fridge.

 So an update on the gimp, yeah?  He’s doing well.  Really well.  I feel like it’s like having an 8-month-old all over again: I’m bragging about his crawling and pulling-up  and propelling-his-body-off-furniture skills.  We  will be doing something normal (like busy making dinner) and he’ll yelp at us to ‘LOOK, DADDY!’ and oh yeah waddaya know, there he is: standing up on his own, in the little of the room.  So I think he’ll find a way to walk shortly.  Maybe not on the main floor (as it’s mainly hardwood and laminate), but upstairs or downstairs or at daycare for sure. 

Daycare took the liberty of decorating/signing the cast first, but we added our own touch: a Jayhawk patch and a little Rock Chalk.  Actually: I was just going to add the patch and leave it at that, but then I realized that a Certain Odd Drawing was hanging over the Jayhawk’s head, so I added some words to cover it (yeeeeeah: so our daycare lady’s young son is learning about all the body parts and has recently been obsessed with butts.  In private, of course, he likes to draw them in his private notebook and write the word “bottom” in his 3-year-old scrawl and Fanta and I look at it and giggle when he’s not looking and so yeah.  Anyway.  The image on Pete’s cast looks suspiciously like a “bottom” drawing so I had to write over it.  Sorry, buddy.).


 That is my sad, pathetic update for the week.  Sorry guys, I am busy (it is Oscar Night, for god sake).  More to come later!  JBF shopping!  Blogs about two types of waffle toppings!  Oh yes, my pets – it is about to get really exciting in these parts.


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