Kay-yoo Boo

I’m in a list-type mood tonight.

Injuries that my son has sustained in the past week:
1) Slammed his hand in the heavy metal door at a highway rest stop
2) Decided to randomly do a trust fall in front of Paulo’s apartment and cracked his head on the walk
3) Mystery ankle-twisting-yanking-something-or-another vague injury while getting out of a toy car, according to daycare, “vague” because this happened during the few seconds she felt confident enough to take her eyes off him for a second rather than anticipate possible injuries. Never underestimate a person with the Kemmeter klutz genes, is all I have to say to that.

Places where I dragged my child the following morning when he still wouldn’t stand up, in the driving rain/sleet/snow/then rain again, while carrying Pete at an odd angle as to not bang his gimp leg and dragging along a diaper bag, blanket, and assorted stuffed animals:
1) Pediatrician’s walk-in clinic (parked waaaaaaaaay in the back, yay)
2) Radiology at the hospital, ‘just in case’, because Peter was emphatically pointing at his leg instead of ankle when asked where it hurt (again: parking in middle of nowhere, aaaaaaargh)
3) Back to Pediatrician’s office. Bad sign (also, bad parking. HEAVEH BABEH MY AAAAAARMS omg, I clearly need to start back at the gym)
4) Off to the orthopedic surgeon’s office! Broken! Broken LEG, ankle fine! Figures. At least we got decent parking there, my arms could not take much more.  I picked up Scott on the way just in case, as an extra pair of carrying arms.

Time spent at orthopedic surgeon’s office:
1) 19 ish minutes in the waiting room
2) About 10 minutes in an exam room waiting to see the doctor
3) Approximately 5 minutes talking to the awesomely nice doctor man
4) 20 seconds whisper-debating whether or not to take a photo of the x-ray (I won.  No photos; the sign on the door said ‘no digital photos of x-rays’, man, so I talked Scott out of it)
5) A minute picking out the cast color – um, hello: KU blue. Or “kay-yoo boo”, also Peter’s favorite color
6) Maybe 20 minutes? Getting the cast put on. Like 20 minutes of two people holding down Peter while he writhed, screamed, fought, etc. Fun. Fun times. Yeah, cast.

Things I am slightly embarrassed about:
1) I was so flustered leaving the pediatrician’s office the second time that I got lost in its giant maze of hallways/exam rooms and finally found a random EXIT door to sneak out of after awhile. Way far away from the parking lot, by the way
2) I whapped his newly casted leg against the center console in the car while getting him in the car seat
3) The fact that I spent a day carefully and lovingly icing, elevating, and protecting his precious “sprained” ankle, while my poor kid was in agony over a broken leg
4) I totally got him a Happy Meal as consolation for having a busted leg



Items that have now come back out of the “baby/newborn” tubs in the attic:
1) Babylegs, for that one lone leg (if I can’t get pants on the boy)
2) Baby bathtub
3) New-walker toys

Activities that are about to become much harder than they ever should be:
1) Baths
2) Trips to the grocery store (can I even squash that leg cast in a shopping cart?)
3) Diaper changes. Eep.

Things that will be so much nicer, now that he’s got a full leg cast:
1) Lots of hugs, snuggles, and lap time
2) Also like having a baby again: he’s not mobile (at least for the moment) so we can go to art galleries, grown-up exhibits, downtown shopping at stores with delicate breakables, etc. etc. etc.
3) I put him somewhere and he STAYS, it’s like 6 months old all over again and I am loving it.

Well you know you’re going to get updated on this one along with a thousand more photos, soooo.  I guess wish us good luck…


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  1. Oh, Peter! I must say he does look adorable in his KU blue cast 😉 Bummer for you, but the up sides are good!

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