Week in Review – 20 Feb 2011

Alright, let’s get this sucker pounded out.

So after all our jetsetting travels, we were exhausted and Valentines Day kinda snuck up on me (in a and-then-I-ran-to-the-nearest-store-for-supplies-for-last-second-daycare-goodie-bags kinda way).  So needless to say, Scott and I had no plans and were going to do something this Friday but then I got busy at work and he had a million things to do too so painfully long story short – we are having a nice dinner and movie night this week Friday instead.  But otherwise our V-day was a lovely day of chocolates and hugs and let me say people – Peter made a killing at Daycare.  There are, like, 4 other kids there. Can anyone explain how that kid came home with about 20 valentines and twice that in candy in his valentines box??

So yeah.  And then!  Then!  I think it was Tuesday or maybe Wednesday but anyway it was super foggy.  I had my camera bag with me  (it makes a great everyday-and-carry-your-lunch-too bag, by the way) so I took a photo.  See the corner of that street?  See any houses or anything else more than maybe 20 feet away?  Mmm hmm, ‘foggy’ does not begin to cover that morning.  Nuts.

 Thursday however I remember clearly because it was GORGEOUS, sunny and in the 70s and eh, a little (lots) windy but I’ll take it.  Pete and I screwed around up on campus, I tried to get photos of him next to the Most Horribly Named Natural Sculpture Ever, and instead of smiling nicely he proceeded to completely turn away from me and start dismantling it.  Charming.  I let him finish yanking out one stick and was relieved to see it wasn’t that main piece holding the whole darn thing together sheesh.

Also as a side note: it was so darn windy that Peter’s hair (well, everyone in the county’s hair) was pretty much blown all to hell.  When the wind got extra-blowy, Peter would clamp his hands on his head and squawk, totally looked like some old dude trying to keep his toupe from blowing away.  Oh, toddlerhood – you slay me.

 Friday was less windy, but also less warm (boo).  It was still nice enough for some outside play time, so we took a walk and played in the yard and participated in Pete’s favorite yardtime activity: peeping over the fence at the neighbor’s chickens.

 The weekend was our late holiday celebration with the M side of the family – between illnesses and crazy schedules, it took awhile to finally get this thing done.  But I gotta say – February Christmas parties are pretty darn fun. 

We opened presents.  Duh.  Peter got tons o’ toys but in true Peter fashion, he was more impressed with the KitchenAid mixer that his uncle got. 

More family came over and we talked, snacked, and played outside (still awesome outside, be jealous).  Bert came along so we all said ‘hello’ to him while we were playing outside. 

Target practice, just shut yer eyes Dootsie!  Okay just kidding, but could you pass up a photo opportunity like that?  Yeah, I thought not. 

Eric made us a lovely dinner, it’s now his official JOB for the holiday shindig. 

We headed back to Larryville after a late family lunch in Hutchinson on Sunday.   We had to take a new route back from there, and made a stop in Manhattan on the way back (Scott and I have never been).  (Please don’t judge.)  (And Peter was pretty WTF-faced as well, when we told him our plans.)

Okay so maybe I asked him to make his signature “MEAN!!!!” face for me in that shot.  It’s a good face though, yeah?  The face below is authentic though – we taught him the time-honored tradition of holding his nose and yelling “ew smelly” as we drove past KSU campus.

All jokes aside – we drove around and checked stuff out, had a snack at a bar & grill in their downtown area.  Not too terribly shabby, you people.  So at least you can say you make a good quesadilla. 

And that’s it!  I’m signing off, have mountains of laundry to do and grocery lists to make and some Vanity Fair reading to catch up on…  Have a great week my loves! 

PS Heal fast Les – we have a pub crawl this summer, girl.


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