Chicago 2011 – Day 3

Here’s your daily Doots-in-the-window shot.  Yeah, you’re welcome.  If you want to see more just let me know, I’ve got approximately 2 dozen more from slightly different angles that I can share with you.


Saturday was our final day in Chicago, however it was a long one – our flight out didn’t take off until almost 8pm.  We hung around the room most of the morning, had a picnic-breakfast on the floor and packed up our room.  Then we hit the streets – Michigan Avenue was just a block to our east, and we had some serious shopping to do.
Peter joined in the fun at first.  He very much enjoyed the Disney Store.  Not our usual sort of stop, but how can you say ‘no’ to a child that spies a store full of stuffed animals?  We let him carry several around, give several others kisses and hugs, and finally left after he pulled a lion (Mufasa?) out of the bottom of a big pyramid of stuffed animals. In case you were wondering: watching your child cause a stuffed-animal avalanche in a packed store is embarrassing but also somewhat hysterical as you watch several Nemo, Thumper, and Mufasa dolls tumble down in almost slo-mo, partially burying your child.

Right around the time we would have stopped to find a lunch spot, Peter – in true inconvenient napping fashion – zonked out.  Lovely.  So: we kept shopping for awhile. We bought him quite possibly the ugliest outfit on the planet while at Macy’s, just to someday dress our kid up and embarrass him.  Actually it was a close tie between two ugly outfits: a blue seersucker suit with a salmon-colored tie (perfect for Easter!), or a brown velour Puma track suit.  The track suit won.  Even the sales associate was all “OMG you people” in horror at the thing when she rang us up.  And someday, you will see it in all its ugly glory on this blog, I promise.  We’ll get him all duded up Jersey Shore style and take him downtown for a walk.

Still sleeping, yep.  Sleeping babies can’t protest when you go bad-outfit-shopping, mwah-hahahahaha.

Once he finally woke up we headed to Jake Melnick’s for some lunch.

Good food, great beer selection, and the TVs tuned to the Badgers game.  Perfect!  Peter and I split a trio of smoked pork sliders + fries, Scott got the hangover burger.   We stayed for quite awhile, Peter was content to just hang out and we were watching the Badgers actually stay ahead of OSU.

Now: some people wonder why I have a bajillion photos of my son on this blog but very few of my darling husband.  Weeeeeell, he has a bad habit of making awful faces (or gestures) when I aim the camera his way.  This is how he ensures photos of him stay off the blog.  Well: I got you this time, darling.


And in case anyone was wondering: in the shot I took approximately half a second after that one, his eyes are crossed and with fingers jammed in both nostrils.  It’s a beauty. While he was doing that, Peter was entertaining the rest of the joint with his suave moves.  We bought Peter new sunglasses at H&M, and as usual – our well behaved baby magically transformed into a comedian once he got them on his face.

 And then the Badgers won.  Yessssss!  We stayed to the end of the game, then hit the shops yet again.  Somewhere after Nordstrom Rack and before Marshalls I decided I was Officially Over the Shopping Thing (I know, right?) and we just let Peter out of the stroller to stroll the streets on his own.  We got outside the Chicago Archdiocese building and the light was perfect, so I got him stop for a few photos.




 We also made friends with the horses – lots of carriage rides on the Mag Mile, Peter pointed and laughed and called out to the horses.  We found a few stopped and waiting for passengers, so went over to say “hi”.  Peter is official an “I will adore you from afar” kind of person when it comes to the horses – he wasn’t too happy about getting close.





 By that point it was time to collect our bags and head to the airport.  We got there a little early with the intention of having a leisurely dinner at the airport (hello, Gold Coast dogs), but we were still SO FULL that we never even bothered with dinner.  Just a few beverages and some lounging until our flight took off, I think we were all a little beat at that point.  And thankfully, blessedly: Pete was a great flyer on the ride home.  Makes future trips much more stomach-able: where to go next, hmm…


And that wraps it up.  Quick trip, lots of fun, sad to leave as always.  I do want to take a moment right now for us all to fondly reflect on: the KU Mohawk hat.  The hat was Pete’s favorite (no, really; he balks at wearing his other winter hats), and pretty darn cute I must say – we always get tons of compliments on it.  Even in Chicago, people stopped us to tell us that they loved his hat, and I’m pretty sure 99% of them had no idea what the “KU” meant.  Alas, though – our time with the hat has come to an end, as it was left in a cab, lost forever.  RIP, KU Mohawk hat.  You were well loved and will be missed.



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  1. I lurrrrrrrve the black and white pic in front of the doors… That needs to go on a wall somewhere!

  2. love. love. love. all of it. -minus losing the hat in a cab, how devistating.

    i am waiting for the river tours to start before we make our next trip there…

    • Ah, the river tours! Love ’em. 🙂

      Yeah the hat, we haven’t done a ton of searching but I didn’t see it in the Union when I was there earlier this week (they had a ton the past few winters). It was a cheap hat so no big loss, but I can’t find it for next year we might be a sad household, Scott loved that thing…

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