Week in Review – 13 Feb 2011

So: we were in Chicago, and I plan to blog all of that on its own, but still felt like we needed a bit of an update…  I wanted to real-time blog like our last vacation, I really did, but was having trouble with my editing software and transferring photos from the camera and also there was that tricky little thing called enjoying myself instead of being a slave to the laptop, sooooo – it didn’t exactly happen.  Ah well.  More of that to come later.

Anyhoo – we got back, very very late last night.  All three of us dropped into our beds, snuggled in, and slept in late.  Breakfasted on donuts and coffee (or milk)  in our nice warm bed, while watching cartoons.  Did some shopping, did LOTS of laundry, celebrated our homecoming to this gorgeous weather (sixties!  sun!) by taking a long walk downtown and having truffle fries for lunch. 

And Peter got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Mueller, making a new best friend.  That puts the official c0unt at Five Current Best Friends, for those counting. 

And that about covers it.  Have a great week everyone!  Think of me in the morning; I’ll be the one trying to juggle a wiggly toddler, a blankie, and four stuffed animals when getting Peter out of the crib in the morning.


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  1. Love the little cartoon-y heart you put above Pete & his new bestie 🙂

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