Let it snow, let it snow, let it… oh my god make it stop.


It snowed.  A lot.  And it blew around.  A LOT.  Also wicked cold, so we didn’t venture out into it (mah preshus babee has delicate skin, ‘kay?).  Instead we hunkered down and have been trapped indoors as of Monday evening. 

Now, this sounds like a recipe for some cabin fever, right?  Only, Peter + Nemmie = Look Away, Y’All, as we always find some way to get into some bumbling mess or another when we’re together.  So, our time of Mommy and Son Bonding During Blizzard Conditions has been nothing short of a total disaster.  In the past 48 hours, we somehow have managed to…

  • Put together puzzles about 18 gazillion times.  And lost approximately 8% of the puzzle pieces in the process.

  • Baked a pineapple upside down cake.  We ate the finished product straight from the pan, with forks.  Manners go out the window in an emergency situation.


  • Colored.  A lot.  Filled the kitty coloring book, colored all the paper valentines, and colored the living room walls. 


  • Made Valentines (the only craft project that I had prepared at home for a future snow day; it took us about ten minutes to finish).

  • Had dance parties.  Fell down a few times during dance parties (bruise count: 2).


  • Jumped on the bed.  Fell down a few times during bed jumping (bruise count: zero YESSSSS TOTAL WIN).

  • Watched 4 hours (cumulative) of Thomas and Friends.  This time period was mess/boo-boo free, shockingly.


  • In a moment of brilliance, we made a groundhog out of a paper bag, in honor of Groundhog Day.  Then took turns chasing each other around the house with it.

  • Thanks to the February issue of Vanity Fair, Peter learned all about the heartthrob known as Justin Bieber.  He now screams “Bieber fever!” on command.


  • Filled a tub with snow and tossed it in the shower for playtime.  Toddler vehemently refused mittens.  Toddler whined about cold hands after five minutes.

  • Cleaned the floors.  Let Peter help.  Peter proceeded to spray himself directly in the eyes with my bottle of vinegar.  I am guessing vinegar in the eyes stings a bit, judging from the pitch of his screams.


  • Attempted to make real snowcones using a recipe I had read about (thanks Lisa!). Only: instead of the suggested Kool-Aid, all I had on hand was Crystal Light Fruit Punch.  Attempted it anyway.  Made mistake of letting Peter “sprinkle” the powder (translation: dump the whole container of powder in the cup).  Tried to unsuccessfully wrestle now way-too-potent “snowcone” away from toddler.  Watched in horror as he happily chowed on it and proceeded to drop, splatter, and drip the now-wet concentrated red dye Crystal Light powder crap all over my bathroom walls, floor, rugs…  It was like a crime scene in there.  My rugs are quite possibly ruined.  And my son’s face is dyed to resemble Heath Ledger’s The Joker.

  • Failed at getting Doots to eat dinner tonight (so I kinda forgot how much he hates casseroles).  Scott wasn’t around (working late) so we maybe, possibly, might have picked up our forks and just ate cake for dinner instead.  But in my defense he ate the top portion and I took the bottom, meaning he got a fruit serving from the pineapple and maraschino cherry. 

And that about sums things up.  Not too bad all in all – no one was permanently disfigured nor is the damage to the house too severe.  Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m kinda looking forward to work tomorrow.  Doots: you’re my best mini sidekick, it’s true, but – you definitely inherited your mother’s klutzy mini-tornado genes.



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  1. love, love, love the joker look!! so funny..thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Dude, no more Bieber fever. For reals. I’m calling child protective services now. 🙂

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