Week in Review – 30 Jan 2011

Happy Sunday everybody!  Hi Leslie! 

Another week.  It was pretty nice this week; we had chilly mornings but warmer afternoons, warm enough where a few times we didn’t need much more than a sweater and hat.  Lovely!  That warm weather was short-lived sadly, it’s already bitter cold again.  But it was nice while it lasted.

I had a late holiday party with my girlfriends this weekend.  We all got together, watched the ‘Hawks pummel the kittehs into the ground, exchanged gifts and had a good old-fashioned sleepover.  And my “Wisconsin specialty” appetizer of Sausage on a Stick was a total hit.  I mean, like there was any doubt (please don’t judge them by the grease blobs in the photo below)…

Sunday we took it easy.  We were going to hang out in KC for the day, but headed home instead to get a few things done around the house.  We did sneak out in the afternoon, and took Peter to visit the train at the park downtown.  He is a certified train junkie (much like most little boys his age), so needless to say this was an exciting event, worthy of complete hands-to-temples action with the realization that a real live train engine was right there in front of him.  Forget the fact that he just saw one earlier in the week when we had a nice day and I randomly took him to the Amtrak station after daycare.  And how on that day, when the Amtrak train tooted its horn whistle thing, he very dramatically grabbed my hand and marched me back to the car, completely and utterly traumatized.   Toddlers: they have the memory span of a goldfish.

Then we headed to the library for a little bit, time to switch out our books before the SN-OMG! snowstorm descends upon us.  I won’t even bother going into details since it appears that most of the Midwest is screwed and knows about it, and the East Coast has no sympathy, so yeah.  Anyway.  Snow on the way, and new books seemed like a good idea.  Peter played for a bit in the kids area, then ran amok in the adult portions.  Including doing his best Pierce-Bronson-in-The-Ghost-Writer impression.

Then he actually totally sat down for a decent photo for a moment.  He’s a good boy.

When he isn’t busy being weird.

And one last thing!  Dudes!  Today we drove past the little church near our house and I about fell over dead, I made Scott go back to it so I could take a picture because DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN, DOES THAT SAY DUGGARS???

Things are going to get a little interesting around here soon, oooooooh yeah.  Jim Bob, in my hood.  Be jealous.



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  1. Wooot I got a shoutout! I AM somebody!

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