Winter Wonderland

Last night, as I headed home from book club, I noticed that there was some fog – it grew thicker the farther east I traveled.  Kind of weird for this time of year, I thought. This morning Peter and I raced around, the fog a thought far from my mind, instead concentrating on getting us both dressed, packed, fed, and then head out for the day.  Now: Pete’s daycare is a bit on the northeast side of town, pretty much as north and east as you can get.  Her neighborhood is surrounded by farmland and tons o’ trees.  I only mention this because: while the first bit of our usual morning drive was nothing special, as we got closer to daycare the trees became full, lush, and white – that fog that rolled in, it covered all the area’s trees with a thick blanket of frost.  Gorgeous.  I slowed down, and we enjoyed the view for the rest of the drive. 

That totally made our morning, in fact it was too nice to pass up. I dropped Peter off, hopped back in the car, and rushed back home.  Sprinted in the house and snatched up my trusty camera.  Then I drove all the way back to daycare, yep.  I parked up the road from her house, slugged back some hot coffee and buttoned up my coat – then headed out to take some shots. 

It was cold, yeah, but perfect – quiet, calm, just all around lovely.  I took my time, enjoying the pretty view, then finally headed to work – and even with my detour, I was settled at my desk ahead of most of my coworkers.  Funny how we bustle distractedly in the mornings, trying to get out the door, mind already at the office.  In reality – we probably have some time to stop and smell the roses (or enjoy the view).


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  1. preeeeeeeeeeeeetty!

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