Week in Review – 23 Jan 2011


I actually really truly mean it this week when I tell you: I don’t have a ton to say.  I brought the camera to several outings but only thought to whip it out for a few things, mainly when my kid was acting like a weirdo, so anyway long story short: not a lot to tell you this week, should be a quickie.

We got some snow this week.  We had another snow day (this time, I didn’t work so Peter did not suffer a major facial scar).  We went out to play and yup, guys – it’s official, the Wisconsin Snow Baby gene did not pass along to this child.  Or at least, it isn’t showing up yet.  Here we are, sledding.  Weeeeeeeeee!

Yeah it totally wasn’t even moving yet.  Down the teeny slope in our back yard.  Nicely played, Doots.  At least he wears that new hat well.

To his credit: he escaped the thigh-deep snow, fleeing to our back porch, where the snow had blown a bit and was only a few inches deep.  That seems to be more his speed, as he screwed around up there playing for a good half hour.  Until I was officially Sick of the Cold and dragged him back into the house.  Happy snow day, the end.

So yeah, what else this week…  We munched on a lot of clementines, which are starting to go out of season (and therefore are super-cheap at the grocery stores, thanks for the tip Alaina).  Still nice and sweet and seedless and quite possibly the easiest citrus to peel, ever.  Awesome.  So yeah, anyway – we have eaten our weight in these suckers.  And a bought a ton more at the grocery store this week.

And now we officially get to the “here are a few weird things my kid did this week” portion of the post.  I narrowed it down to just a few, to save everyone’s sanity.  Are ya ready?  First up: I could not find my mittens, dudes.  And it has been FRIGID this week.  I was slightly annoyed until I found the Doots using them as oven mitts.  Gotta be safe transferring seared foods to the oven, my friends. 

He has also as of late become fascinated with pockets.  This morning they were a good hiding place for his toy swords.

As a Packers fan I should probably recognize The Game.  My dear friend Jules (a Chicago native) invited us over to watch the game at her house with a few other friends.  She made a super-yummy “fireman’s chili” from her hometown, courtesy of the Chicago Trib.  I kindly offered to bring dessert (as well as a cheese tray, because duh Dairy State).  Anyhoo, I settled on a giant cookie.

We are probably lucky we won, given my choice of wording.  Also Peter wore a new shirt, featuring some vintage Starr/Lombardi, which I think broke his “my Packers shirt makes them lose” streak.  Yeah!  So here we are, SuperBowl-bound.  Bring it, Steelers.  We’re ready for you.

And that’s it my dears!  See you next week 🙂



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  1. Pete reminds me of Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story in that first pic. Leather Jacket, furry hat.

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