Life: in Motion – Our Summer 2010

First, let me just get this disclaimer out of the way.  Did the Solars ask us to write a blog post about this little experiment?  Nope.  Am I singing their praises anyway?  You bet.  I mean, why pass up a perfect opportunity to brag about my family  😉


Back in July (August?  something…) we got a message from the Solars, of the fantastic Solar Photographers, asking if we’d be game to try out a new business venture of theirs.  They were thinking of getting into videography, but a special sort of thing where you have a photo + video session.  Where we game to be one of their guinea pigs on this project?  Um, well, give me some time to discuss it with my husband and we’ll get b… OH WHO AM I KIDDING, HELL YEAH. 

So they came over one sunny afternoon, and we did everything we had fun doing at that time: we baked some treats, goofed around on the bed, played outside.  I tried to play it cool, you guys.  Well, as cool as a card-carrying member of CSE can get.  But in truth, I was a little apprehensive.  We never got a videographer for our wedding, not to save costs (although: that bought a whole heck of a lot more hors d’oeuvres).  No, more so because (1) I hate the way I sound on video, (2) the camera adds 10 lbs, HELLOOOOOO, (3) I can make facial expressions that rival Jim Carrey sometimes, I’d rather not witness that, and finally (4) Scott and I dance like penguins, and I really didn’t want to remember our First Dance that way.  

So: you get me?  I am not a big fan of video.  Maybe, perhaps, I was not the best test subject.  In truth I was kinda sorta dreading that thing getting finished.  But finished it was, they handed off a DVD and a CD of images and yeah.  Guess what.  Uh huh.  I know!  Yes, I loved it.  I really actually loved it.  I would have been happy to have dropped about 20 lbs. before doing something like that, or maybe actually put on some makeup, but in the end it didn’t matter at all.  What we have is a sweet little video that perfectly captures everything we loved about the summer.  And my sweet little baby boy, there he is on film at that awesomely pre-toddler stage: not quite a toddler, not really a baby, all sorts of bright-eyed and enjoying what the world was showing him and oh my gosh you guys – I am so grateful to have that on film. 

There you go.  I love that thing. So does Scott.  And so does Pete – he requests we play it every single day.  More than once if he’s having a bad day.  We turn it on and he claps and laughs and dances, and points out mommy and daddy and yummies and cars and bubbleeeez! and yeah.  Yeah, he loves it too.  Maybe the most out of all of us.

So there you go, in a nutshell.  Time to unveil that video, yeah?  So without further ado:

And here’s a link to their blog post about it, for good measure.

Also please be sure not to miss the jam slurping out of the jar in one giant horrifying gelatinous mass, at about 1:47.  DOESN’T THAT JUST MAKE YOU HUNGRY FOR WHATEVER THE HECK WE’RE MAKING, OHHHHHHH YEAH.  Clearly the graceful jam de-jarring of a seasoned television personality.  FoodTV: call me.



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  1. We’re SO thankful to call you all friends and to be able to give you memories that you’ll never forget. What a wonderful write up! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. I love it! I mean it is so darling and so professional! I’ve watched it twice it is so good! I can’t wait to show Rick!

  3. I love this so much. I need to do this. Please send me their contact information.

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