Week in Review – 16 Jan 2011



Hi!  Um, this felt like a really really really really long week.  Let’s see…

Monday ended up being a snow day, we got somewhere between 7-8 inches and yeah, I suck at driving on snow (and Larryville sucks at plowing the stuff), so we stayed in.  I did some work.  Pete played with his puzzles and coloring books.  I made cookie dough.  Peter helped me drop it on pans and bake.  I answered e-mails.  Peter tripped over his own feet and gave himself a black eye by hitting the corner of the coffee table (nice!).  I got more work done while Peter took a nap (a nice long one, thanks to the baby Motrin I gave him for that nasty cut/bruise under his eye).  Then we played in the snow a little bit.  Fun day!

Work was insanely busy.  Next week should be much nicer.  Thank you baby Jesus.

Friday night I hosted a supper club meeting at my house – soups was the theme of the night.  Yummy food and great company, can’t beat it 🙂

Saturday was a relaxed, stay-inside sort of day. The whole weekend was really.  Doots was acting a little fussy and sick, had a slight fever (I think it might be those pesky canines).  Good weekend to stay in and get some cooking done, play a lot, and mommy fit in a few shopping trips as well.


Seriously – it’s that time of year when all the stores are seriously marking down their winter garb, and while usually I don’t seek out those sorts of sales (it’ll all just be out of style next year anyway) – it’s a whole new ballgame when you have a wee one running around.  Peter went from having one hand-me-down blazer in his “next winter” stash to having 10 shirts, 3 sweaters, slacks, jeans, another blazer, a new winter coat to wear THIS year, 2 pairs PJs, and 3 hats.  Peter was intent on sniffing the new clothing, as sniffing is his new “thing” (that’s what happens when you also pop into Waxman’s Candles while out shopping, and laugh at him as he goes around sniffing all the different scented votive candles.  Suddenly overly dramatic, loud sniffing noises while holding things to your nostrils is PURE COMEDY GOLD.  Or something).


My particular favorite of all the finds is a pretty knit hat, fully lined with fake fur.  NICE.  I wish it came in my size, honestly.  Oh and I may have gotten a few things for myself, but what are you going to do.  Momma needed new slippers and shirts.

We ended the weekend by shipping the kid off to his room and settling in to watch the Golden Globes.  Ooooh, but I love the Golden Globes.  Just a few thoughts before I sign off for the week:

– It’s about time Katy Segal won a Golden Globe.
– KURT!!!  What a sweet baby.  I am so glad to see him win.  Then they cut to a shot of Lea Michele with her fake cry and chest-clutching, and it I was officially Jaded Again.
– Annette Bening’s hair: discuss.  I think she has the same hairdo as Al Pacino.
– I say this as someone who loves “smart” tv: Boardwalk Empire is Not That Good.  Great ensemble of actors and great director, great premise, still disappointing. Can ANYONE tell me how they won those awards??  Ooooooh yeah, that’s right: it’s still the Golden Globes.  So guess I will just say: happy for Marky Mark.  That’s about where I stand on that one.
– Robert Downey Jr. should be the host some year, his announcement of nominees was just perfect.
– I can’t stand Claire Danes but she probably had the best look of the night: modern without being weird, good curves but not slutty, great color on her.  Too bad she’s a big ole homewrecker.
– Please dear lord in heaven, make them stop cutting to shots of Brangelina.  They haven’t done anything worthwhile entertainment-wise for years, except to grace the tabloid pages here and there, they are NO LONGER RELEVANT.  Blah!
– Okay I suppose that’s it.  Gotta get off of here and get some things together for tomorrow.  Have a good week my loves!   Oh and PS Go Pack Go!  We did our part by NOT putting Pete in his Packers shirt, as it seems to be a jinx (every time he’s worn it on a game day, they’ve lost.  I retired it to the bottom of his t-shirt drawer several weeks ago).

– edit: okay I had to add something: Natalie Portman, while a Harvard grad (right?  I am too lazy to actually fact-check that she actually graduated) just gave the most ridiculous, nonsensical, awkward speech ever.  You know how that beauty pageant girl from South Carolina gave that really weird, distracted-ish, nonsense answer to why American kids can’t find the US on a map?  It was on that level a few times.  Not the brightest thing, the poor dear.  Good thing she’s pretty.  And PS Natalie: your dress is well cut but thatdecorative be-dazzled rose thing is distracting, darling.


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