Week in Review – 09 Jan 2011

Quickie this week, Nemmie is a tired lady and needs to spend some quality time with her next Book Club tome

And note: a big thank you to the random relative who passed those bright baby blues to the Peter Guy.  He certainly didn’t get them from me or Scottie.

Anyhoo.  Where was I again before I got all weird and gushy about my kid?  Yes!  Updates, okay – well, the week was your typical sort of week, a few days were kinda warm (for January, anyway) so Pete and I took a few detours to parks on our way home in the evening.  I’m glad we did, because a nice little snowstorm is due to hit tonight and then cold cold cold my friends.  The winter is officially here.

This weekend was definitely chillier than the week, and the wind was bitter cold, so we piled into the car and hit the road to KC.  Specifically: Union Station, and the train museum within.  Peter’s just starting to gear up on what we think might just be a raging “choo-choo” addiction, so it was a wise move.  He loved it.  We were going to hit up the Dinosaur exhibit at Union Station before it left, but he was having such a great time watching the trains that we never made it over there.

 Just FYI – when he is really excited, he does this weird dance/run/screamy thing with his arms flailing in the air.  He broke out this move multiple times that day.

 The museum was such a hit that we made a slight change of plans, and hit up Fritz’s for dinner.  Fritz’s isn’t exactly known for its fine (hell, even decent) cuisine or cheap prices – it’s all about that fantastic train that delivers the food.  Which is well worth the overpriced dried-0ut french fries, for the record.

 After that we ran around Crown Center awhile – watching the ice skaters, checking out the shops, playing at the Crayola Factory, and running amok at the Westin.  Note to Beah: the scary Santas, they are now hidden in the foliage above the waterfall thingie.  It is somewhat comforting to know they are still around but also – hiding like a total creeper in the shrubbery, really?  I love you, Westin Crown Center, and your odd Santa collection.

 Sunday was a bit more relaxed – it had snowed a little overnight and there was lots to do around the house, so we stuck close to home.  We hit up the McDs play area in the morning, otherwise we didn’t leave the house.  Lots of crafts (like those awesome capsule-sponge things from the Target dollar bin) and puzzle time and drag-out-every-toy-we-own-and-strew-them-all-over-the-house time.  Full day.

PS to auntie Nikki – this puzzle is his favorite current puzzle, no joke, we put it together at least once a day.  Sharp as a tack, this kid (and I say that fully knowing that he almost choked to death on a chicken-shaped sponge not more than 5 minutes before this photo was taken). 

 Much love my friends, take it easy in the snow in the morning 🙂    See you next week! 

Also PPS my husband just surprised me with a secret homemade dessert of roasted pears in a cinnamon toffee sauce.  Boo-yah, the end of my week now is officially better than yours.


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