Week in Review – 02 Jan 2011

Things to note this week:

So daycare was closed on the Monday after Christmas, Peter and I spent the day at home.  Lots of playing and book-reading and other good stuff.  I took a few pictures and looked at them through my screen and yeah, I had to finally admit to myself that: the hair is a little out of control.  Specifically: the curled mullet portion.

But I was still a little in denial, you know how that goes.  So after his nap we went about our business, ran errands and did some shopping and then went out for one last look at holiday lights.  I let him out of his car seat while we watched the light show at one of the houses, and took a few more shots.  And kinda cringed when I saw the huge hunks of mullet-y goodness spilling onto his shoulders. Yeahhhhhhh – and the next morning I made him a hair appointment.  I love my baby and his curls but that’s some out-of-control girl-style hair, there.  And more on this whole thing later…

So anyway!  The rest of the week was cold but we bundled up and played outside anyway.  We are hardcore like that.

Let’s talk cat obsessions, shall we?  After we got back from the holidays Peter became quite smitten with his Fur-Real kitty, named (you will never guess): Momo.  The “cat” is with us all the time, like must be there for playtime, meals, bedtime, diaper changes, and in the car.  I have to wrestle it away from him before we head into daycare.  If he leaves him somewhere he will suddenly realize Momo is not around, and will urge us to search along with him, hands in the air in a panic, calling for his  beloved pet. 

So there’s that bit of weirdness going on in these parts these days.

Thursday was warm, like I think it actually hit 70 degrees and you can’t waste that kind of weather, my friends.  Scott finished up a brew (I’m sure he’ll blog on it later) and Peter and I hit the yard for some fun.  Oh yeah, and Momo.  Doots ate his snack on the porch, chased around the yard, and dragged his deck chair from the back deck all the way down the street, like INTO the street, then screamed all the way home because I wouldn’t let him stay there (as a side note: carrying a wiggling sobbing toddler, little deck chair, camera, Momo, and fedora is some tricky business my friends.  I’m sure my neighbors had a good laugh watching us weave our way back up the street).

Friday I was pretty excited for the hair cut.  Sigh.  I don’t know why I was so darn chipper about it, guys.  So we get him there and they cape up Scott, plop Peter on his lap, and hand Pete a sucker.  Easy peasy, the biggest problem was that he was intent on watching his haircut in the mirror which made it tricky when the stylist needed that “head turned all the way” action.  So anyway: I told the stylist – trim up the neck, around the ears.  DO NOT TOUCH THE REST.  He talked me into allowing him to “trim up a few more shaggy parts” and that was the mistake.  He cut off every single curl.  Chopped the bangs short.  Layered up the top and sides.  Noooooooooo!  

At first I was all in denial, then got horribly sad about it.  Now I am back to being somewhat fine.  It definitely still curls up on its own:

Although admittedly it looks a little funny, not all parts curl nicely with this winter air, so we brush it straight.  Some moments I love it, think it’s cute and shaggy and I will survive after all:

Other times it’s a little too Bad Ewan Hair Circa 1997 for my tastes.  Yeesh. 

At any rate, we’ll probably survive.  I’ll just frame my shots much closer for a few weeks 😉

Sunday was bitter cold, so we headed to the play area at Oak Park (or as my friend Sarah affectionately refers to it: the Fecal Forts).  THEY HAVE HAND SANITIZER THERE NOW SARAH IT’S SAFE.  Anyway.  Aside from a few over-active twelve-year-olds flopping around all over the place (including one who charmingly kicked my darling child IN THE SIDE OF THE FACE), it was fun.  And I think maybe I saw, well no, let me be honest: I am 99% sure I saw a fellow mommy blogger there as well with her family, but considering I don’t know this woman in real life and only have her blog on my reading list, I thought it was best to not run screaming at her and squeeze her and tell her how cute I find her blog and how much I adore her Pottery Barn  knock offs.  Right? 

So anyway, that was the big excitement there.  Plus the face-kicking thing.  And the fact that my child could not help but stop playing randomly to gasp and squeal in complete adoration of the carousel that just happens to be right next to the play area.

– Okay and is that girl on the far right not totally awesome in that photo?  She’s giving him some hardcore side eye, like ‘gawd there goes the weirdo with the gaping jaw again’.  Anyhoo.

So guess what we did next.  No, guess.  You’ll never get it.  And oh, but we had to ride the horses (and dragon) three times.  Until the Mall was closed and they kicked us off.  Methinks this will be a somewhat regular cold-weather activity.

Let’s close out with some (faux) Momo.  God knows he’s such a part of the family now that he deserves his own photos.



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  1. Hi! I am the “fellow mommy blogger” you mentioned in this post! I feel so flattered to be mentioned. I know it is nearly a year later, but I wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you regarding the mall play place and germs. I cringed the entire time! But it was so cold, right?

    Happy Blogging! I miss Kansas City!

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