2010 in Snapshots

It appears to the be the cool thing to do, to have an end-of-year wrap-up of your blog.  Well then, let me add to that mess.  I went through allllllllllllll the albums on the computer for the year, and picked out several that kind of represent parts of the year for me (and good news: most are new, meaning fresh new things for you to look at).  Make sure you top off your coffee cups, ladies and gents, because this is somewhat long.  Thankfully, mostly photos…

Winter was long and brutal in 2010.  Every time I see this image, I think it perfectly encapsulates that fact.

Lots of snow and ice meant lots of snow days stuck at home.  Our mission: find the most perfect chocolate-chip cookie recipe.  We tried several (most blogged about), surprisingly the Pioneer Woman version was fantastic and the one I remember best.

Daycare shared a disk of pictures taken throughout the year.  It’s so interesting to see Peter and how he acts in his “other world”, when we’re not around.  He loves his fellow daycare kiddos.  Here’s a shot of all those lovelies from one of their field trips, this one to the Nature Center.

Crawl For Cancer with my favoritest girlies.  Enough said.

This was the best recipe find of the year!  Butternut Squash and Bacon Penne – super easy, delish, and from Cooking Light (so: bonus).  Thanks so much to Jules for passing this find along.

Here’s my girl Mahn-ster.  No year end wrap-up is complete without a mention of my unofficial “first born” 😉   She is getting so old, and I am in total denial about it.

The Hat.  I paid more than I want to admit for the thing, but he has worn it everywhere.  All the time.  Well worth every penny, considering it still fits nicely and should fit him at least another 6 months.

I took this sometime over the summer, while in Pitt, forgot to ever post it.  We were at the park and randomly found a bunch of stacks of colorful chairs, couldn’t pass that up for a photo or two.

Aside from Free State (because really: nothing will ever eclipse the awesomeness that is Free State), this was our favorite spot to grab a bite in 2010.  Fantastic burgers, amazing fries.

Peter loves exploring the farm when we visit Scott’s parents’ house.  He’d spend all day out there if he could (even when we were all dying of the flu over Thanksgiving, he kept begging to go out to explore).

Lots of baking this year.  I am thankful to have such a dedicated, talented sous chef by my side.

Summer Fridays: a refreshing dip in the Chi O Fountain to escape the heat, followed by ice cream downtown.  Bliss, such a perfect way to kick off the weekend.  Totally making this an annual tradition.

I learned so much about shooting light and kiddos from Shoot Day in October.  Forever grateful to the Solars and Kelley 🙂

I love this shot of my baby.  Taken on one of our “mom and doots date” days.

Beah ran her first marathon, and ROCKED IT.  In 90-degree, humid weather.  I had to take this shot of her hair, and promised Beah I’d post it.  Well, here you go darling. 

I love this willowy, nature sculpture on campus.  If I were truthful, I’d admit that I’m sorta obsessed with it.  I keep meaning to take Peter up there for some photos, and vow to do so before it falls apart (due to happen in the next year).

Peter loves a good parade, and this was the best one all year.  Lots of cars/floats, lots of candy to collect, and even an ice cream truck giving out treats.  Yeah, no question: Halstead hosts an awesome parade.

It rained like mad the entire time we were there.  Our room had no temperature control, and no television.  And yet: we still had a blast.  Mueller Family Reunion, Estes Park, CO.

Peter’s birthday party.  All the kiddos joined in for cake time – Jayson’s “jam your entire fist into cake” method was pretty impressive.

Scott’s true smile/laugh is fleeting and rarely caught on camera.  It’s out of focus, but there it is nonetheless.  Glad to have snapped it.

Our lone summer wedding – Nikki and I did the floral arrangements, her darling brother Matty brought us a beer near the end and stayed for a chat.  Now: my suitcase was locked in a trunk that valet misplaced (don’t worry, they later found the car) but anyway: see my pretty pretty appearance?  Yeah, thanks to valet that’s how I also appeared at the wedding.  Sorry, Steph and Chris.  Thank goodness I was just a guest so no one paid my way-too-casual, messy-ponytail-and-makeup-less self any mind.

Scott’s Amarillo IPA.  Several beers were brewed this year, but this was my favorite.  Citrus and light and hoppy, mmmm.

Early morning or late afternoon, I can’t remember the reason for still being in PJs – all I know is I love this shot.  All kids loves to watch their parents and Peter was no exception – he adored watching Scott do yardwork from his bedroom window, little fists pounding to get his attention and then  squealing when Scott looked up and waved at him.   Kids.  They slay you.

I love this shot from my parents’ 50th anniversary weekend. 

Poor Peter.  That orange goatee of liquid stitches was hard to hide on Halloween.  He still had a blast.

Kids have a wicked sense of humor, more than people give them credit for.  Here’s one of the homemade graham cracker houses on display at The Eldridge this year, marshmallow cannibalism at its finest.

Scott putting together Peter’s play kitchen from Santa.  It was a great year for Christmas – Peter really loved that thing.  Still does, I’d imagine he will for awhile.  Best money spent.

I am still bummed about Peter’s first haircut.  Still.  I had no idea it would bother me this much.  Here’s the shot I took before we headed out to the salon, the last image ever with baby hair.  We said good-bye to all traces of baby with 2010, folks. 

I’ll get over it (eventually).



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  1. Loved this post—-
    raechelle tinsley

  2. Lovely, just lovely.

  3. What a wonderful recap of a truly wonderful year! I’m glad you learned some stuff from us in October, and it shows in the pictures you post of Doots 🙂

    Much love!

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