Week in Review – 26 Dec 2010

This week, we…


Finished baking and assembled cookie boxes (with some mommy/toddler Starbucks to fuel us through).


Delivered cookie boxes.

It took a little while.  His legs are a little stubby, that holds a person up.



Did our own little family Santa visit – it went over well.  Peter looooooved the play kitchen, he did not open any other gifts for about an hour. 



We visited the Kemmeters for Christmas Eve/Christmas – was fun, as always.  I ran away for a few hours, met up with my dear friend Nikki for lunch and a matinee (and lots and lots of girlie catching up).  Great time, I think it’s a new holiday tradition (much like our Black Friday Shop-athon).   We saw The Fighter, by the way, fantastic film/much recommended/Nemmie Approved/go see it already sheesh.

Peter spent heaps of quality time with his favorite cousin, Mahni.  He even let her do his hair.  True sign that he adores her.


He also spent a lot of time with his favorite cat, Momo (or “Mo-Bo”, as he was calling him.  Close enough).  He woke up this morning and asked for Mo-Bo first thing.  Luckily he got a mechanical Faux-Mo from Beah for Christmas, so he comforted himself by screaming and chasing it around the house.  Seriously.  It is funny, yet kinda sad.  We discussed the idea of adopting a real live kitty due to his undying love for ginger-colored cats – then we realized that we were seriously discussing getting an honest-to-god, not-a-goldfish-this-time pet based solely on the whim of an 18-month-old, and changed the subject.

Anyway, lots of gifts were opened, Momo was stuffed into a Santa outfit, Tinnie and Mahni had a Christmastime craft session, Paul made Beeker face (Feeeeeeeeelings!), and Beah stalked Doots.  All in all, the usual Kemmeter style get together.  And I miss them all dearly already.


Then we came home, cleaned out a ton of toys (to storage and set aside for donating), deep-cleaned Peter’s room, then unpacked everything. EVERYTHING.  Took forever, Peter was rather spoiled over the holidays.  I took like, zero photos at that point.  Mainly because I FELL DOWN THE MUTHER-EFFING STAIRS DOING LAUNDRY and frankly my shoulder hurt, I didn’t feel like being all shutter-buggy.  At first I was going to write this awesome story about how I was wearing Scott’s freakishly-large slippers, causing me to slip (true part) and fall down the stairs like Scarlett O’Hara (not-true part, it was about as exciting as this).  Then I realized no one really wants to hear my harrowing story about falling down our basement stairs, so I only typed this little portion here.  BUT THE BRUISES ARE HUGE AND AWESOME NO LIE.  Note to Leah: totally sending you bruise photos shortly. 


And with that, I sign off.  Will see you again soon, hope that your holiday weekend was also filled with joy and love.  Or, if you are my Jewish friends: at least some good sushi and trivia.

Peace out.


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