I don’t know if there will be snow – but have a cup of cheer

Or have some cookies.  Same difference.

The holiday baking is officially done, now Doots is napping and I’m savoring the last cup o’ joe.  When he gets up, we start our deliveries.  Thought I’d share our bounty, some of our favorites.  All tasty, pretty, and make lovely gifts.  Or so I think, hopefully our friends and neighbors agree 😉

Spritz – I’ve already blogged about them, and had to make a second batch.  We’ll see if we’re swayed to make a third…

Puppy Chow – this is the holiday version of toddler crack.  Also, grown-up crack.  Also super easy (and fun) to make with wee ones.

Haystacks – in my family we call these “spiders”, I mean really they are a little spidery looking.  Thankfully they taste a lot better than an actual spider (or so I’d imagine anyway).

Ambrosia Macaroons – your classic macaroon, brightened up with some orange and dipped in bittersweet chocolate. 

Peanut Butter Balls – everyone’s favorite!  Dead easy, and people swoon over them.  Make ’em every year.

Molasses Cookies – the one linked is great, but I made my Grandma Kemmeter’s recipe this time.  Scott loves them.  He loves them so much that he ate ALL (but four) of the cookies I made for gifts, something I discovered while assembling boxes.  How charming. 

Polka Dot Cookies – these were actually off the back of the bag of Guittard mint chips.  And they are very very good!  First time trying them and I was pretty darn impressed.

Dipped Oreos – these are complicated.  You, like, nuke some almond bark in the microwave and plop Oreos in it.

And last but not least, my most favorite treat of all…

Korova cookies – no really.  These deeply chocolate, sandy shortbreads are my favorite cookie of all time.  Couldn’t pass out treats this year without including them.



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  1. Impressive selection. Every year I bake cookies but gradually find I’m making less and less varieties. This year it dwindled to three kinds 😦 you inspired me to ratchet it up next year.

  2. These cookies looked so good I just had to stop in and get some recipes. While the holidays are over that does not mean the kids and I can’t enjoy them.

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